Saturday, 31 December 2011

Good Bye 2011!

Good morning everyone! I can hardly believe today is the last day of 2011. Where did this year go? How many of us will be sitting around with family and friends saying those exact same words?

Its always amazing to me how time moves. You can be doing the same event at different times in your life and they will move at different 'speeds'. My youngest son participated in what was probably our last Christmas pageant for one of our kids to be in. I remember our oldest being in his first one and it was so cute and sweet, and then I remember after attending several different recitals and pageants and having to bring younger siblings to each one how long and slow each one seemed to be. Then fast forward to sitting in the church this year watching my son on stage for his 60 seconds of fame and realizing that's it for my boys and wondering how all those years had gone by so fast.

I'm sure everyone one of you reading this blog can share a story or moments that where time stood still (like baby's first smile) or flew by (your wedding day). Moments you thought would never ever end (that last month of pregnancy! ) or days that would never come. (your child's graduation day) But all these moments in time arrive and speed by and become treasured memories that we share with family and friends and wonder how in the world they went by so quickly.

So I guess I'm going to be a bit cliche and do a quick look back on 2011 for myself. I had the opportunity of those endless moments of waiting in many hospital  and doctor offices this past year doing what seemed like endless testing. Pokes, prods, x-rays, and scans and eventually we were given a diagnosis. Playing with different medications we also finally seemed to have found a mixture that is working really well.

All 3 of my boys have made me so very proud of them this year. My oldest is working hard at University and just got himself a part time job. My middle son has really applied himself this year in high school and is coming home with fabulous marks that he is very proud of. His football team won  City Championships this past season also. My youngest is having a fabulous grade 9 year. He is doing an almost totally unmodified program which was unthinkable 4 years ago, he's in Air Cadets, and he finally got his bag pipes this Fall. Surprisingly....they are sounding really good! Ha!!

My husband started a new job at the start of 2011 which has been a real blessing. One of his goals has been to be able to  go back to school. About 5 months working with this company, my husband found a project management course that fit perfectly into his schedule and his company was willing to subsidize 75%. He has been doing so well and been so excited. We are all very proud if him.

And for myself, I set a few goals. This blog was one of them and it exceeded my vision already. ( I already have had over 1000 views in less then 3 months which surprised me!! Thanks everyone!) I started an online course on herbology. And lastly I'm starting a small online business selling homemade doggie biscuits. (If anyone is interested just email me at

2011 has had its ups and downs...its endless moments....its 'where the heck did those go' moments....moments that made me laugh...moment that made me cry. Moments where I hurt so much I wondered if time was even moving, and moments when life was so perfect I never wanted it to end. I guess every year is kind of like that in the end. The amazing thing is at the end of each year we have these amazing memories that we hold onto and treasure.

So good bye 2011! Some of you may say good riddance...some may have a fond farewell...but either way...good bye...and welcome to 2012 and welcome new moments and memories!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

End of the World?

Good evening my friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. I also hope Santa filled all those stockings in time and put the right presents under the tree. I know at our house Santa was very generous as usual, and we also had a wonderful time visiting with new friends and old ones. It was a wonderful day!

Then, being Canadian, we did the mandatory thing and we braved the crowds in the afternoon and went shopping on Boxing Day. For those of you who do not know what Boxing Day is, essentially its just another excuse for Canadians to go shopping!! ha!! Its the day after Christmas, and stores open super early and slash their prices really low. Its would be a comparison to Black Friday in the U.S.A. So we shopped for a few hours, got a few deals, and came home with our wallets  even lighter then I thought they could possibly get after  Christmas.

House is a bit tidied up, the excitement seems to have been diffused from Christmas and now I find a lot of discussions have turned towards  the countdown for the end of 2011. Different theories abound from things based on the Mayan calendar saying that the world will end in 2012  either by natural catastrophes or aliens will take over the planet (if I understand what I've been told so far!) People have started talking about their personal resolutions for the coming year, and my personal favorite, are predictions for 2012.

The fun thing about this coming year predictions are, what if the Mayans are right? Then Dec 21, 2012 we better party because that will be our last day here. But how many 'Last Days' have we had predicted? I remember Y2K...all the people that hoarded all those supplies, convinced computers were going to shut down and the world would be thrown into chaos. And yet the clock clicked over past midnight and not a glitch to be found.

My guess is that there will be a lot of people who believe the Mayan calendar will be doing a rush of Christmas shopping when the world doesn't end on the 21st next year. Heehee!!

So any predictions for 2012? Any wild and crazy ones? ( E.T. finally coming and making official contact ) Any serious ones? Lets hear them folks...grabs a refill on that warm mug and send me your predictions for 2012. They can be funny or serious. Then next year we can look back and see how many we get right!

So thinking caps on everyone and enjoy your evening!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

T'was The Night before Christmas...

Good Christmas Eve to you all! I can not believe it is actually here.All the hustle and bustle, all the shopping and planning, the wrapping, the decorating, the baking...PHEW! `No wonder as adults December flies by!

I know today everyone is busy with last minute details and possibly running those last minute panic trips to the mall. Family traveling, schedules to accommodate...excited children..but I hope you all have a chance to catch your breath at some point today, sit quietly with some yummy treats and a Christmas toddy while enjoying your tree lights flickering.

My favorite time is after everyone has gone to bed and the gifts are all set out and I'm sitting on the couch with my husband just quietly enjoying our tree. He usually has some Christmas carols playing and the house is dark and everything is quiet. The dogs are snoring at my feet, and the occasional giggle is still  heard from the kids rooms. It is just so nice to have the calm and beauty of the season for that moment after the hustle and  harriedness of the month.

So my wish for you this day is for serenity and peace, for a quiet stolen moment under the mistletoe with that special someone and for love and a joy filled holiday. Merry Christmas to all my internet friends and family.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

All The Stockings Were Hung...

Good evening everyone! What a week it has been! I have missed chatting with you all and and very glad to be feeling much better today. The past weekend flew by, the tree was trimmed and I believe, as of this moment, I may actually, officially be done my shopping! WooHoo!!!

'The Ugly Stocking'
I had high hopes for finishing a lot of stuff last week, but unfortunately my R/A decided otherwise. My family and I were able to squeak in the trim trimming in the weekend which was a lot of fun. We had lots of finger foods and desserts, some eggnog, and pop for the rest of us who aren't all that into that. We had the Christmas carols playing and the kids just had fun helping set it up. The dogs of course pace the room wondering what horrible tragedy is happening!  You can see it on their puppy dog faces, "This isn't right! This isn't right!"

Also my husband and I were able to go to the symphony and hear Handel's Messiah. He had won tickets earlier in the week and we had fabulous seats. I was able to last the first 2 parts and got to hear the Hallelujah chorus which is my very favorite of all before we had to go, but it was a wonderful night and I am so glad we had the opportunity to enjoy the music.

Then by Monday my R/A and my Fibro decided they were going to fight to see who could be  the most intrusive in my life the week before Christmas. To be honest, I don't know which one won, but I do know I am truly grateful  for my remicaide infusion I get every 6 weeks, and I just got my last one this Monday. Kind of knocks my socks off for a few days but then I'm back on track for five weeks and look out world!! Like today, I spent five hours shopping, had a shower, wrapped some presents, now doing my blog then off to my son's concert. Woohoo! Life is good!

So everyone, I'm going to keep it short and sweet tonight, so I can make it to my young man's concert. Enjoy the little things this time of year. I know its tough, with so much to do and so much running around and all this holiday stress, but it can be done. No one really cares if the gravy is lumpy, or if you folded the corners perfectly on the wrapping paper. And guess what, if the do, they aren't worth impressing anyways! People usually don't want the expensive things...they want to spend time with you.

Hope your shopping is done, your tree is trimmed, and your eggnog is yummy!! 4 More Sleeps!!
'My Guys'

Thursday, 15 December 2011

And Then I had An Idea...

Good afternoon my internet friends! Hope you are all tucked in somewhere warm and cozy and have a steamy mug of something yummy to chase the chills away. I keep peeking at my calendar and watch it rushing to Christmas. I can not believe just how fast the days have flown by this year!

Okay everyone, get comfy and put those feet up...its time for one of my famous rants! If you have known me for any amount of time you know that I can go off on a foolish tangent and rant about about the silliest thing that happens to have unfortunately have caught my attention. Well, this week, my unknowing and unwilling target is pharmaceutical companies.

"Why?" you unwittingly ask...(silly unknowing person in the back who hasn't been introduced to my inane rants before) ....well...there are lots of GOOD reasons why I could rant against these giant companies stealing millions of dollars from sick and dying people who just can't afford the ludicrous amounts of money they demand for their products.

Or I could rant on how they use defenseless little animals as test subjects in cruel and inhumane ways to push products so again they can make their millions and billions of dollars( actual facts! its true! heehee!!) 

But while these and many other reasons are valid, I sat here today and looked at my many medications (as many of the people who read this blog do) and thought to myself for the umpteenth time (which is a lot of times) and thought to myself,"Why oh WHY do these big drug companies make medicines so boring to look at???" I mean, on an average day I take about 15 pills a day. Thats 105 a week...which is 420 a month...which is a lot a year!!(ok, my math is not that great...)

And as I look at my pill case and see the most exciting pill in there is a navy blue and white one...wooo ahhhh.( stood out from the pale pink and pale yellow one. It was very exciting) But really drug company? Can't you call the Skittles company and ask them what makes the Skittles rainbow so pretty??

Then I had a brilliant that I am sure will change the way people will take their medications if we can convince the drug companies to work together and work with us the patients!! I say we get the companies to make the medication into brightly colored Pez shaped candies! Then we can use Pez candy dispensers!! How much more fun will that be to have lined up on your night table? 2 Batman Pez, 1 Robin Pez and Frankenstein Pez before bed. Ha!! Sure will be way easier to fill up the containers too!

So, I say we start a petition! Just for fun see how many people we get to go with the idea! If nothing else...lets get the colors of the rainbows added! I'm tired of pale pinks and yellows!!Ha!!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Can I borrow a cup of flour?

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and enjoyed the Christmas parties that have started. I had the privilege of accompanying my husband to his work party on Saturday night and surprisingly I actually made it to 10pm which is way past bed time for me! It was fun to dress up and meet the people he works with and we had a wonderful supper. Thanks honey for a really fun night!

Well...I noticed its gotten to be crunch time. Every day for the past couple of weeks I have really good intentions of getting my Christmas baking done. I flip through my cook books, make sure I have the ingredients, and then I get distracted. The kitchen may be dirty, or maybe a load of laundry needs to be done, phone rings, or I may just not have the energy to do it. So then it waits til the next day...and the next day...

I must admit, it got me to thinking, how many of us still do our own home Christmas baking? I remember watching my mom baking the whole month of December (and probably starting in November) making cakes and cookies.  We never realized how much work was involved until we have to do our own baking for our own families, and even at that I know I never did the amount of baking my mom ever did. And I know even if I make the same recipes my mom makes...they just never taste as good as my mom's! I said earlier...its crunch time. I know I'm going to start resorting to cheating and hitting Costco and getting some yummy baking there...but I also know Christmas just isn't quite the same without a few home baked goodies. I was wondering if a few of you could share a few 'tried and true' recipes with everyone. Cookies or tarts or bars that are easy and quick to bake that for someone like me don't require much time or energy. It will be lots of fun also to get recipes from all the different countries that read my blog! I would love to try my hand at some baking from Russia, Spain, or Trinidad to name a few.

How fun this will be! Christmas baking from around the world! Now I'm actually looking very forward to attempting my baking once I get some new recipes from you, my friends. Happy baking everyone! Looking forward to your recipes.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Music to My Ears?

Good afternoon everyone! I have had a case of the 'lazies' today that I just can not seem to shake off. No matter how many times I am told its just my Fibro or just my Rheumatoid Arthritis acting up, it still feels like I am being lazy and wasting another perfectly good day. But in any case, I have my mug of hot chocolate, and sitting comfortably and anxious to catch up with every one. So welcome everyone to my kitchen table!

I have had a very busy week. My medication cocktail seems to be working quite well which has allowed me to enter the real world outside my bed room! (Ooohhh...aaahhhh!!) The only area that still needs work in my energy levels but I can cope with that. I have been out shopping and on a small road trip yesterday with my husband, the eye doctor and even a huge Costco run! Oh life is truly grand!

All my boys have had some really great accomplishments these past few weeks also. My oldest is in college working on a computer program certificate and had to build some electronic kit. To me it looked very complicated and to all the guys in the house it looked very impressive ( there was lots of ohhhs and ahhs when he first brought the kit home) Well, he came home the other day very proud of himself ( and he should be! ) as he had completed the kit and had scored high marks on it!

My middle son worked really hard this past week on an essay he had due for mid terms. And you have to understand, he has AD/HD so sitting down to read and write an essay are far from his forte. Well, my son spent an entire week going in at lunch time and any extra class time he could to get help and finish writing his paper. He came home with a 77%! I am so very proud of him!

And last but not least, my youngest son has been practicing very hard to earn his bag pipes. You see, he joined the Air Cadets last year and decided he wanted to learn how to play the bag pipes. Well....thankfully they don't just hand them over. You start with a part of the bag pipe that's called a chanter. It kind of looks like a recorder, and it is not very loud. He has had that now for about a year and he has faithfully practiced that for about a year now. We have gotten used to the sound of the chanter and kind of been lulled into a quiet acceptance of the inevitable.

You have to understand, I am a strong advocate for my children to take music. My boys have played the trombone, trumpet, baritone bass (I swear that was the AD/HD...the biggest shiniest instrument in the room...Ha!!) guitar, drums,and bass guitar. So adding bag pipes to the mix isn't a stretch for us, just something different.But I do have a confession to make here....I have to admit, I hate the sound of them. So bless my son's heart...if I'm home...he practices outside only. Ha!!

Well...few weeks back, my son walked proudly in after cadets with his new instrument in hand. Oh he was so very proud! After months of practicing his chanter he finally had his hard earned trophy in hand! So of course we needed a demonstration  from the musician! He quickly assembled it, spent a few moment blowing mightily and then let out this racket of a noise! The dogs started howling...his face was all red from huffing and were yelling at dogs...I was giggling at dogs and thinking holy smokes...what in God's green earth have we gotten our selves in to??

Well, in the past few weeks, we have learned how well our dogs can sing, how many dogs are in the neighbourhood and even bumped into people I have never met before and had them ask me which one of my sons is playing the bag pipes. Ha! He practices on the front deck and gets so excited and encouraged when people stop their cars in front of the house and watch him. He takes them to school so he can practice there, takes them to friends' houses, and even begged to take them to youth group tonight.

He has worked so hard for those bag pipes and even though they aren't the 'coolest' instrument to be playing he pours his heart and soul into them and I am so very proud of him. All 3 of my boys are like that. They have such a strong inner core. When they have a goal or a  passion for something nothing can stop them. They practice, study, read, or what ever else they need to do. The things my young men have already accomplish astound me. My oldest is a 2nd degree black belt and in college, my middle son plays high school football and has fabulous grades even though he struggles with his AD/HD, and my youngest is in air cadets, playing his beloved bagpipes, and doing wonderfully in school in an almost unmodified school program which is huge because he has lots of learning disabilities he has to over come and also struggles with his AD/HD.

So the beloved melodies of the bagpipes accompanied to the singing of the to my ears! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Its Been Magical

Good evening everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day. I am just sitting down after having a busy day running around doing errands which I totally enjoyed. So grab your warm mug of your favorite drink and come enjoy some catching up!

This weekend was busy and so productive.  As most of you know I am stuck in bed a lot so for a change of scenery, my husband humored me and changed the bedroom furniture around. Now I have a 'room with a view'! Ha!! I get to look out our bedroom window now and watch the birds in my feeders, and my dogs have more room on my side of the bedroom to curl up and sleep on the floor. Everybody is happy.

I was also able to go out shopping two day this weekend at the Mall. No small undertaking for anyone familiar with West Edmonton Mall. I bought myself a pair of pumps and a dress for some up coming Christmas parties we have on our calendar. One was this past Monday evening and next one is this coming Saturday night.

So last night we had our first party in I don't know how many years....I wore my new 'big girl' shoes and a dress (not pj's and a sweat shirt!!) and we went to a dinner and show with our awesome friends next door. Want to know what one of the most amazing parts of the evening was for me? My super awesome brand new shiny red pumps did NOT hurt my feet at all!! Thats right ladies! Brand new shoes and not even a little bit sore!! Woohoo!

Now today, I've been a busy bee too. I got my hair done, did some groceries, had supper with my middle son at his work....not a lot for the average mom, but for me, thats like being a mom on steroids. I have been looking back on my last week and looking at the stuff I have been progressively been able to get done.

Last week my doctor switched one of my medications. For anyone not familiar with the 'change the medication' routine it usually goes like this. Your doctor tells you to try new medicine 'A'. Its going to be awesome, they tell you. Start it in the morning, it wont make you sleepy! So off you go to the pharmacy, clutching the piece of paper hoping that you will be feeling better in 7-10 days like the doctor told you.

Well, 3 or 4 days into this new medicine, that little yellow ( or blue or pink or what ever ) pill is making you sleep until lunch time. You have called into work sick 3 days this week because you are higher then a kite and no way can you drive in safely. You see little leprechauns dancing in your bedroom and when you sit up your head spins horribly. The only food you want to eat is Fruit Loops and you sing in your sleep. Oh...and you still hurt. So back to the doctor...lets add Medicine 'B'..oh and 'C'...taper off 'A'...your a smart get the picture.

Well...I've been on the 'change the medication routine' for four and half years now. Its been magical. But after this past week, I think maybe....just maybe....we might finally be onto the right mix! I'm still slow...I'm still hurting...but I'm better then I was a week ago. I went out to a party. I went out shopping. I ran errands. I had supper with my son. I did more this past week then I have done in months. To me that would mean we are on the right path.

So yes the 'Routine' has been painful and frustrating and annoying....but now that I am finally getting some relief and I am able to do things most people take for granted I really appreciate all the time and effort all the doctors and nurses and especially my family have put into the 'Routine'. And I especially appreciate all the Fruit Loop runs my husband did! Ha!

So if anyone is just starting the 'Routine' patient...if anyone is living with someone going through the 'Routine'....yes...Fruit Loops are that magical!....And if your in the majority of the population and have no clue what the heck I am talking about..I hope I just entertained the heck out of you and you never look at a bowl of Fruit Loops the same way again!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Big Heart...

Good snowy Saturday morning to you all! Well, at least where I am it is. It looks like frosting on everything outside. Its that soft poufy snow that just floats around and makes you want to stick your tongue out and catch a flake. Heehee!! Can you tell who doesn't have shovel duty around our house? Ha!!

The funniest one to watch when its snows is my wee little dog. We think she is a Papillion/Shitzu cross and she is barely 5lbs. My big boy is a big lab cross about 80lbs and the 2 are inseperable. Well, this is Kira's first winter and being so teeny I wasn't sure how well she was going to handle the snow and the cold. My brother in law even bought her a little doggie jacket when I was out East visiting, so she was all set for the cold!

Recently we got our first real 'have to shovel' snow falls. (I think we actually got about 6"!) My boys can correct me if there as more as they were the ones out there shovelling for hours that night! Anyways, the dogs were all out there 'helping' the kids. I was inside giggling...there were 3 black and white dogs bouncing around in the snow and into the shovels as these poor boys were trying to push. The dogs were having a blast!! And to my amazement,my little Kira was just in her glory! The drifts were well over her head, she had to bound up and down to go any here, but she was having so much fun! There was no obstacle going to stand in her way to having fun in the snow that night.

My husband gets upset with me because when I have a good day I go like my little dog. He knows the price I'll pay for being 'normal mom'.  I bound around, no obstacles in my way!! I clean and cook and shop. I may meet him for coffee or lunch. My kids get home from school, there are muffins usually baked, laundry has been done...the world is good. Mom is 'normal'.

Then reality hits, and I wish I had the heart my little dog does. Some days my R/A or my Fibro are to much and they stand in the way. Then other days I can dig down deep into places I didn't even know I had...I can find that extra hour to sit at my kid's football game...go to dinner with my husband...hang out with my family. Things others take for granted but things that take alot of extra effort for me.

Oh to have the heart of my little dog! She may be wee little but she is determined! I know! What a funny place to find inspiration...but I figure, if such a tiny little package can run and jump and conquer mountains of snow with little doggie smiles, then I can try and conquer my mountains of R/A and Fibro with a smile and determination too.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Hope your mountains are small and your hot chocolate is nice and warm!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Good day everyone! Sorry I've been away for so long, but I've had a bit of a 'bumpy' week. Seems my fibro 'super senses' are on high alert this past week making it a little hard to function. The best I can sort of describe it is it like human 'Spidey Senses', just a lot less fun. (Thats what my doctor calls it! Ha!!) Your body's senses go on 'high alert' for me my hearing gets very very sensitive, touch gets very sensitive and tingly. It also makes me very tired. Hence the reason for my absence. But I'm back and have my tea and ready to join my friends for some fun!

Well, if you haven't had a chance to look outside or enter a mall lately I will be the first to inform you that Christmas is less then a month a way! I KNOW!!!! When did that happen???? I think I still have patio furniture outside that needs to be cleaned up and I know I still have a pumpkin sitting in my kitchen that still needs to be cooked. Okay...I also know I am in the minority of people who procrastinate like this, but it just me or is Christmas coming really fast this year??

We have several traditions we do as a family that we started when we moved to Edmonton when the kids were little. Some were things I brought from my family, some we brought from my husband's family, and some we 'borrowed' from new friends we made when we came out here. When we moved here, we had no family close by, so it was our first Christmas on our 'own'. One tradition we started and still do to this day is while we are at church Christmas eve the 'elves' come and leave pj's on the kids beds. Once we would get home the boys would race to their beds to check and see if the elves had stopped by and if they had it meant that Santa was on his way!

Of course there are other traditions as well, we leave eggnog and treats out for Santa, we make Christmas cookies, send out cards. I love to hear other families stories and traditions. Different cultures and and different histories make the holidays so interesting, especially this time of year. Each  decoration tells a story. Foods have special memories. Lets share these traditions and stories! I have several readers around the world. I would love to hear how the holidays are celebrated in  your countries!

Happy memory sharing everyone!!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Life as a Parent..

Good day and hope all is well in your parts of the world. The hustle of the holidays are now hitting and I even saw a commercial for a Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon, and that marks for me that the Christmas count down has officially begun!! So grab your favorite spiced cider or hot cocoa and come chat for a bit.

As you all know I have three teen boys. Correction... I have three young 'men'. I say 'men' because they are physically in men's bodies, but they sure don't always think with an adult mind. And please, let me clarify...because I don't mean that to sound derogatory towards them.

Parenthood is so not what we think we signed up for as young couples. Most of us got married, decided to start a family, maybe bought a house..had another baby...tossed in a dog or cat..surprise number 3.....for us then dog number 2 ...then number 3...several 'disposable pets' mixed in there.. .the years fly by.

As I sit here writing its almost like a comic book look at my children's lives flashing quickly in front of me. So many times I wanted to wrap them in thick bubble wrap to protect them. As they  first learned to toddle on their own (Oh those huge blue and green bruises on their little foreheads!!) When they first rode their bikes, that first time roller shorts!! (washing their bleeding hands and knees and trying so very hard not to say 'I told you to wear your safety gear!!') Wanting to wrap the car and all the kids inside up in bubble wrap the first time one of them gets their driver's license...

You want to wrap them up to protect keep them safe. To save them from making mistakes that will hurt them. When they are little we use baby gates to keep them from crawling down the stairs. As they get older you want to impart all your 'worldly' wisdom on them to save them from the bumps and bruises of getting older and living in a grown up world. We tell them to make good friends, get an education, don't drink or smoke...don't do drugs.....

Then we send our young men and women out into a very unforgiving reality and pray every day they come home without to many bumps and bruises. I must admit I have been pleasantly surprised by comments and accomplishments by my young men. I have a wall in my home covered with  awards and medals. I was chatting just yesterday with a mom of one of my boy's friends and she was saying just how nice my son is. She was telling me wonderful stories of things he had said and done and I must admit I was very proud of my young man.

Then they come home....and you wonder just what are they thinking??? They say stupid things, they procrastinate, they bring home the WEIRDEST kids!! (seriously! where did they find that kid?? and is he safe to have in my home?? Ha!!)  And as a parent, you lay in bed at night banging your head. Are they making good choices? Are they safe?

I know I'm very fortunate. My three guys help me out without complaint all the time. People from all over tell me constantly tell me wonderful things about them. Do they make mistakes? Absolutely. Do I wish I could wrap them up tighter in the bubble wrap? Always. (and to be honest...on different days...I want to wrap them tightly in the bubble wrap for different reasons other then to protect them!! Ha!!) doesn't matter at what stage of the journey you are at. I am positive you can look at your brood and say wow...this was NOT what I signed up for. Not that it isn't a good....but I bet its not what you thought it would be!

I would love to hear some of your stories!

Monday, 21 November 2011

My Poor Puppy!

Good Morning Everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I keep looking frantically at the calendar and can't believe how fast the holidays are approaching! How in the world is this happening?? My husband and youngest son braved some shopping at West Edmonton Mall on Friday and it was all lit up so pretty. Between that and all the snow we received this past week, its definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
West Edmonton Mall
I woke up Saturday to a very chilly house and a very sad dog. You all have to understand, usually I wake up to a rather exuberant good morning and nearly get bowled over by my 3 dogs. Who knew it was that exciting an event having mom out of bed? Well Saturday only my two girls were running around cheering me on. My big boy was clinging beside me hanging his head and being very quiet. Hmmm...he's NEVER quiet. 

So we all waddle down the stairs, get the wood stove stoked up, dogs all  fed and mom's tea brewing. Still a quiet boy. Ok, whats up with him? Then I noticed he was shaking his head around. Then a bit later he started scratching away at his ear. Ahhhhh!!! Dr. Dolittle thinks she may be on to something! So once all of us were settled back in bed I peeked inside his ears and discovered some icky treasures. Ewwww!

Poor guy has an ear infection. His ear was full of black waxy stuff that I had to gently swab out for him. Then I applied a natural gel to the ear that made him just sigh in relief. My poor puppy! Now I have a very clingy large dog with a sore ear. I just hope this gel does this trick so I can skip the very dramatic,  all dreaded,  very expensive vet trip. all know that trip. The trip where you finally crack and you bundle the family loved one up. Your husband's ever loving voice echoing in your head from the previous evening's discussion on how much this beloved animal is actually worth and how its cheaper to buy a bullet to fix the pet then it is to buy medicine to treat it. (guys are sooo compassionate!!) Ha!!

We get to the vet clutching our pet,  have them poked and prodded and mildly violated and handed a small bottle of pills and told they should be feeling better in a few days. (um to get pills into this beast...)  Hopefully the bill is less then your mortgage  payment, but that doesn't matter, right? Because your little family member is coming home and will be feeling better soon!

There is nothing worse then staring helplessly at our little family members and feeling helpless because for the majority of us, there is not a lot of options available to us. Running to the vet is usually a last option because of the cost. So I have to ask...what do you do when your furry family members are not feeling well? Any herbal recipes that help for things like ear infections, cuts, itchy skin, or when they just get sick? More chronic conditions like arthritis or cancer? Any over the counter medications you recommend to the rest of us?

The more we share, the less helpless we will feel. And hopefully, if there is a next time, we can say hey! I know how to fix that for my little buddy!! Looking forward to your comments.

FYI ... If you are having trouble posting comments, just email them to me at and I will post them for you. I am trying to iron the problem out. Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Silly Things People Say

Good day everyone! I'm actually ahead of the game today and joining everyone at the table by lunch time today! Considering the kind of night I had...this is very impressive...ha!! So hope you all have your warm mug of something yummy and a comfy spot and come join the table chat today. I need everyone to participate to make this work. I was laying in bed, letting my brain wander ( never a good thing! heehee!) and I started reminiscing about stupid..oops I mean silly...ummm...I mean well meaning, yaaa...well meaning advice people give you through out your life. You know those people...maybe your grandmothers...your even random strangers who just pop out with the WEIRDEST pieces of advice.

Off the top of my head, I think the most awkward moment was when I was pregnant with my first son. I was relatively far along in my pregnancy and I was getting into an elevator. There was a lady whom I had never met  before already in the elevator and we had that weird few moments of don't look, don't talk that people do on elevators. Suddenly, she turns to me and out of the blue tells me, "Gee, I hope your wearing cotton underwear. Anything else is not good for the baby." Then at the next floor, she got out and I never saw her again. After the initial shock of the moment, I kind of shook my head and was like what the heck??! Where did that come from???

Weird old family wives tales are also good to make one shake their head. A favorite of one of my grandmothers was if you drank warm coke you would get worms. Actually, if I think back, everything gave you worms according to her...ha!! But warm coke was a big nono!

I'm sure my kids have a list of weird things I have passed down to them. Things their friends must hear me say and think huh?? I know we tease my mom for things she used to say to us as children (we took a lot of worm medicine as kids! heehee!) but there must be some basis of truth to some of these things. I wonder how they got distorted along the way?

So folks, its your turn...lets hear you weird advice! What are some of the strangest things that have ever been told to you? Lets hear the funny stories...tell me if some of them have  actually worked...which ones are just crazy. Looking forward to the comments folks! Have a great afternoon!

Monday, 14 November 2011


Good evening everyone and welcome to my kitchen table. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend running around getting those 'Honey Do' lists done and for you keeners, I bet some of you even whittled away on your Christmas lists too. My guys got all our winter wood cut (with the help of our awesome neighbor!!) and the lights up on the house. For us, this is way ahead of the game this year!

Well, to be honest, I didn't do anything this weekend. I was very fortunate to have all my guys home and willing to do all the hard work. I really wasn't feeling well, but this stuff needs to get done. So out they went. 2 truck loads later, 8 hours of cutting and stacking and Saturday was all used up. Sunday was used up running errands and putting up Christmas lights on our house and on the neighbor's house. Thank goodness the 2 guys work so well together!!

Sometimes I think we take our neighbors for granted. We have lived in  this neighborhood for almost 13 years. Our friends moved in shortly after us. We have shared birthdays and holidays in each other's homes. We have seen our kids grow up, gone to kids concerts, helped each other renovate ( and renovate and renovate...ha!!) We have laughed together, cried together. Shared wonderful news with each other, and hugged each other over devastating life changes.

The guys have dubbed themselves 'The 2am Buddies'. The meaning behind that is that no matter what happens, they know they can call each other, day or night. I'm very fortunate that I know I can call on my girlfriend the same way. I think of how many times she has invited me out or invited me over since I have been sick. So many times I have had to turn her down and she has been so gracious about it and has never bailed on me. She has been one of the few people who has genuinely wanted to learn about my illnesses and how she can help. When she asks how I am, she really wants to know.

 I think of how fortunate my husband and I are to have such wonderful neighbors who are also such awesome friends. The guys are such goof balls and have such a great time together. When either of them has a job to do, no matter the size, the other is there with tool belt on and cold beer in hand. My girlfriend and I are parked on our 'drinking decks' with our wonderful slushies (courtesy of my girlfriend!) laughing at our silly guys. (And FYI...the guys built both drinking deck!)

So thank you to my awesome neighbors! Let me take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you both do! Now guys...lets get my bathroom done!! heehee!!
And how about you? I want to hear about your neighbors...the good,the bad,the ugly!!! Ha!!!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Impossible Dilemma

Good day everyone! Hope the week has treated you all well. I've been feeling a little bit under the weather these past few days, but think I'm finally feeling bright enough for a visit at our kitchen table. So.... please join me! Grab a warm mug of tea and find a comfortably seat. Let me share my latest 'brilliant' observation!!

This past week I had several different medical appointments I had to go to and each time I noticed the same thing about my day. Usually I try and schedule my appointments in the afternoon because almost anyone who knows me, knows that 1pm is the new 8am and I just don't do mornings well. Ha!

Now, having said that, one would be led to believe that I would have ample time to get up and get ready in the morning, and technically I should! But for some strange reason I am usually running late. Not by much mind you...maybe 10-15 minutes. But late none the less. Even with the phenomenon called 'Day Light Savings Time' and gaining an hour, I still manage to run late.

"What could possibly be causing this rude behavior??" you ask. I'm as dumb founded as you to be honest. Everything usually is going right on schedule when I first get up. I feed my dogs, have breakfast, take my shower, get dressed.....WHOA! Stop!!! Back the bus up!! Get dressed? Hmmmm....Actually this is where my day starts to go awry.

I have really good intentions. I usually grab an outfit to jump into for when I finish my shower. Then, when I begin to put it on, I start having second and third thoughts on it. "Hmmm....maybe the green t-shirt would be nicer.." and then off I go. Digging through my dresser, then my closet. Good grief...where is that green t-shirt?? Now down to the laundry room. Nope, not there. Oh no! There it is! Its in the dirty laundry and there's not enough time to wash it....or is there?? Hmmmm.....

Now I'm doing a load of laundry I'm going to invariably forget I started, and looking for a back up outfit because the original outfit will never work now that I spent all that time looking for the 'perfect' green t-shirt. I'm digging through mountains of clothes that wont work (these pants wont work because I want to wear those boots, but then I need another t-shirt...) The clock is ticking, my frustration is  climbing, my energy is waning and I haven't even left the house yet!

The bottom line is in all this is I have drawers FULL of clothing! How can I have nothing to wear?! My husband shakes his head when I'm late and I tell him why. But seriously!! I have nothing to wear!! Okay, there is lots of clothing in my drawers, but the dilemma is they don't always work! Right ladies?! Right?  Please back me up! Please...because I  have a doctor's appointment next week...and I am pretty sure I have nothing to I am pretty sure that means I'm going to need to go shopping....insert female backup here!! heehee!!

Happy shopping everyone!!

Monday, 7 November 2011


Well...according to my trusty computer calendar, it is Monday already! Apparently I have lost an entire weekend....again... Argh! This is so frustrating. But whoa...I guess in all fairness I need to back this up a bit and explain my frustration. So grab your steamy mug and some patience cuz I feel another rant coming on! Ha!!

Many of you are blessed with  healthy  bodies and very rarely have to deal with the medical profession.I'm amazed when I hear someone who says that all they had to take this past year was one round of antibiotics, or they can't even remember the name of their family doctor. I kind of snicker when I hear you groan that you have your yearly check up coming. 

As some of you are aware I suffer from a couple of chronic illnesses that fall under the auto immune disease umbrella. My weekly schedule involves meeting with someone from the medical community in some form. I see pain nurse, rheumatoid nurses, specialists of all kinds, my awesome GP...the list is quite extensive. And I am very thankful to these wonderful people because without them I would not be able to function.

"So ok then...why the rant?" you ask....well,much to my chagrin this past week I picked up a virus. Not a big deal in most homes, but not a great thing for me to catch, especially this particular week. I was due for one of my many infusions on Friday but had to skip because you are not able to have it administered if your not well. I also had started a new medication earlier in the week that I have been pushing up the dosage which made me quite loopy. So between cold stuffy head medicine, loopy spiny pain medicine, and missing infusion I kind of missed an entire weekend...again.

You have to understand these wonderful specialists admit that medicine is not perfect and everyone is different ( oh how I have learned how true these words are!!) Over the years I have tried this medicine and that medicine...tried needles, and pills, creams and herbs. People have given advice and suggestions. (many good, some bad...some veryyy special ) I have gained weight, lost weight, lost hair, lost my memory, and now I'm losing weekends. Losing time is the most frustrating.

So happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekends were memorable.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

'The Look'

Good Morning everyone! Hope you all have a steamy mug of your favourite beverage and a comfy seat at the table. I want to start the day off with a big woohoo! to my son's football win last night! They are now the Jr High 2011 city champs! Way to go guys!!!

Ok, got a bit of a rant here today...please feel free to join in. As many of you know I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibro which causes chronic pain. Both are 'invisible' diseases. They don't make me 'look' sick. When I can actually get out of the house I do my hair, put on my make up and dress decently. When I have energy I can shop , clean, cook etc. like a normal person. If you don't know me, you don't know I'm sick. And that's ok.

But here's my rant.. handicap parking!! Guess what..I AM is HARD to get out of the house and do the stuff I need and want to do. I have a handicap placard for a reason. I use the handicap parking because I  am handicapped. Surprise world! Handicapped people don't all use wheelchairs or canes or oxygen tanks. Sometimes walking into the store I look fine, but maybe you should hang around until I'm done shopping. I usually don't look so great then.

I've been 'fortunate' so far as I have only received what my family calls 'The Look'. Any of you who don't look sick know what that is....the one where the people stare at you as you get out of your vehicle and shake their heads. I've heard and read many stories of people being scolded and yelled at by people for using handicap parking because they didn't look sick. But 'The Look' is still really annoying.  I just want to turn to them and say,  "You don't know me! Don't judge me!!"

So I figure if  I'm going to get 'The Look' anyways,  I might as well  mess with people and kind of earn it . For those of you who don't know me, I have a little bit of a twisted sense of humour...heehee! Soooo,  I usually park my truck, slowllllyyy get all my stuff organized (my purse, cell phone, lists etc) and just before I get out I put my placard in the window. know by then there is some self appointed handicap parking police watching me intently...heehee! And then, much to their surprise,out pops this 'healthy' person. I'm sure I just about give them a coronary!! HaHa!! Then they gather their judgemental selves up and out pops ....'The Look'

Well...guess what self appointed handicap parking police!!! From all of us who don't look sick...screw you! Save that look for someone who cares. How about you follow me into the store? Odds are I'm headed in to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription I just got from the doctor's office I was just at. I'm probably at the end of energy and praying I get home before my medication wears off.

Phew... that's a rant and a half today! Let me know what you think...share your stories. How else can we educate people? I would love to never see 'The Look' again! Nothing would make me happier then for people to be more understanding and less judgemental. So please....share...information is powerful.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

No Way!!

Good Gravy!! Everyone put that mug down and make sure you are seated! I have breaking news for you!! Are you ready for it?? Are you?! I saw the scariest thing last night...and this was even before my boys were back home from trick or treating....I saw it! I saw my first Christmas commercial of the season! Nooooooooo!!!! Are you KIDDING me??

This is not right!! I mean...I KNOW Christmas is right around the corner...but to throw us right into the frenzie before our kids have even come down off their sugar high?! Thats just not right!! I even noticed this past week the scary Halloween costumes and decorations stacked up next to the pretty angels and sparkly Christmas paper. The sensory confusion was mind blowing!

 What a weird time of year! One week we are decorating with gourds and brightly coloured leaves and turkeys for Thanksgiving, and then a couple weeks later we hang scary ghosts and goblins and hand out free candy to kids we've never met before. And the grand finale to the year? We stand on icy roof tops and string lights, stick a tree in our homes and bake pretty little cookies.

Ok Ok!!  I know I'm sounding kinda Scrougish...sorry...not meaning too. Actually kind of giggling to myself! I keep thinking to myself....wouldn't life be just abit easier if we just came up with some generic kind of decoration that covered at least a few of the holidays? Personally, I think I'm going to look for this Frankenstein Santa for my house! heehee!! I write this...

Countdown toHallow... ehm Christmas!!!

Hallow... ehm Christmas!!!: December 25, 2011

Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Good morning and welcome back. I hope everyone survived their 'pre-Halloween' weekend. Decorating...pumpkin carving...last minute costumes...Wow! Its amazing how much time and organization a few hours of dress up require!

As we drove around running errands this past weekend I was amazed at the decorations on the houses. What was once a very simple night out is now quite the affair. Rarely does one see a home made costume or cut out ghosts in the windows. Now there are fancy costumes of cartoon characters or super heroes I have never heard of before. Flashing lights on yards, expertly carved and crafted pumpkins, realistic ghoulish cemeteries on front yards. Good grief! When did Halloween become so 'fancy'?

Don't get me wrong....I am a HUGE Halloween fan!! I LOVE having the kids coming to the door...I love getting my kids all ghouled up and scary. I think the yards look awesome! And I am sure there are lots of excited little ghosts and goblins anxious to trick or treat tonight! But I guess I just long for when things were simpler. When there wasn't such pressure to have the perfect costume or the scariest yard. It was just fun to throw on a sheet and pretend you were a ghost and get a pillow case full of candy and peanuts. (My dad used to get our peanuts...ha!)

Then the best part of the night was coming home with our loot and pouring it out on the floor. My mom had us pool it all together so the more we each got the better for all of us! After she would inspect it, she would divide it into bowls ( chip bowl...chocolate bowl...peanut bowl...) Ohhh...the beauty of bowls and bowls of 'free' candy! Sometimes you even got lucky and got a full sized chocolate bar or pop!

Ahhh...Halloween! The magical night of giggles and screams! Enjoy your evening little goblins, ghouls, princesses and superheroes! And good luck moms and dads with the sugar highs tonight. I don't know who to feel worse for...the parents tonight or the teachers tomorrow! Ha!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Friday, 28 October 2011


Happy weekend everyone! Hope this Friday finds everyone well and ready for a bit of r&r. Well...some r&r...because I'm sure like every wife out there, the 'Honey Do List' is getting another quick once over before Saturday morning. Since I was gone for most of the month, my guys seemed to have escaped the 'List'. I can tell because as I was checking some stuff in my back yard I realized nothing has been put away for winter yet.

I noticed all the yard chairs still out. Planters need emptying, the hose needs to be put away. Leaves are everywhere!. I kind of shook my head and looked at all the work ahead of us this weekend. "Good Gravy!", I thought to myself, " don't these guys see any of this??" Resigning myself to a clean up weekend, I kind of shrugged to myself and headed in.

Through out the day I just kept thinking to myself what do these guys think when they see all these things all over? All these leaves? The leaves cover everything! How could they miss them? The deck, the yard, the picnic table. Don't they see that they need to be cleaned up? Then I walked by the front window....

I got my answer very quickly. The boys had seen the leaves all right. Apparently when boys see lots of leaves they envision a huge pile. In fact from the size on my front yard I think its safe to say it took several front yards to gather all the leaves. I had to chuckle to myself.

 When did I lose that vision? At what age do we lose the ability to see a huge amount of leaves as a great opportunity for an afternoon of fun instead of an afternoon of chores? Now when I look at the back yard and see all the leaves scattered all over, I see an afternoon of family fun. Even though life is filled with 'Honey Do' lists, there is no reason that these moments can't be enjoyed.

I hope you all stop and see the fun in your moments this weekend. Enjoy the crisp Fall air and your pile of leaves!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

One Of My Favourite Things

Good morning everyone and hope you all have your favorite warm beverage of choice and a comfy chair at the table. I'm feeling a little rough around the edges so forgive me but I think I'll be joining you from a comfy spot on my couch. One of the definate perks of Internet visiting. Ha!

Speaking of visiting, I have just returned from my annual trek out East. Normally my yearly visits are a flurry of visiting and site seeing crammed into 6 days, but this year I decided to see if a longer visit might be less harried. I have 2 sisters and thier families and my mom in Ontario and 6 days just never seems to be long enough. So after some pondering an schedule rearranging I was able to extend my visit to 3 weeks.

Ok...I know! 3 weeks sounds crazy. Especially when it's visiting house fulls of young children! Throw in Thanksgiving weekend, couple of birthday parties (even had Batman show up to one of them!) and I wonder just how less harried it was! And yet I treasured each crazy moment and found it very difficult to leave when the trip ended.

One moment that stands out to me was one evening after the kids were all bathed and in pj's and we were all sitting on my bed. My nephew started to make faces and be silly for his little sister. She was watching him and then burst out laughing. Of course that got her brother laughing. What a beautiful sound! When children laugh it is such a genuine pure sound. They laugh from their big toes to the top of their heads. They aren't worried about how they look or sound. It is just the sound of pure happiness and joy.

My wish for everyone is that genuine happy moment where you just bubble up and laugh from every fibre of your being. When the laugh just lights up your heart and puts that special twinkle in your eyes. That contagious laughter that draws everyone in. This is one of my favourite things.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
Charlie Chaplin

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Time Savers?

I have to admit it. I love my electronics! Shiny new laptops, crack free iPods, dent free cell phones....ohhh!! The pure joy!

But it never stops at just the gadget. Your new toy needs accessories. Covers to protect, screen protectors to prevent those scratches. And maybe an extra battery? Or! How bout a stylish case to carry it in?

Our latest acquisition was a new printer. Our old one needed ink and this new one was on sale and cheaper then the ink refill. It faxes and scans. Works wirelessly and best of all! It actually prints!

My husband ran out and picked up the new toy. This new time saver looked splendid in the box! We plugged it in and admired all the lights and options that showed up on the screen. Ohhh! Ahhhhhhh!

Then we looked at the installation novel. Holy crap. This was not going to be a plug and play device. No way. But we would save time with this machine. It was going to be great! Just to get set up now.

Day 1 I left the magical printing device in my husband's capable hands. He was bored that day and figured he could get it set up quickly. I checked in on his progress periodically. The novel laid out, wires hanging, and the fancy new printer not printing. Hmm...little more challenging then anticipated. But it will be awesome!!

30 days later, hours and hours spent with tech support, new holes in walls,and a new spot in the house for the printer, I am happy to announce we have a fabulous new printer that oohhhs and ahhhhs us now.

Yes, it prints from anything ( even our cell phones!!) it flashes and whirs and is a cool new addition to our electronic family. But honestly...a time saver?

I did get lots of cupboards cleaned out and rearranged while I was on hold with tech support. Thank goodness for speaker phone. Ha! And I learned alot about wireless devices and how tech support really doesn't listen to you.

But in the end, we have a new printer. It is fast and efficient. But like all of our new fancy electronics, do they really save us time? Once we factor in set up time and any down time when they get a virus or updates or need new software.

I guess in the end doesn't really matter. They are here to stay. I love them! I love the apps and ingenious things they do. They store my pictures and my music. I can play games, access the Internet. But best of all my family and friends 'live' in them.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Hi! And welcome everyone to my first post! Hope you have your warm tea and your favorite spot at the table. I'm very excited to have you join me as we start this new journey in my life.

 I've been pondering with myself how best to start this. What topics to chew over? What stories to share? How much 'advice' to dole out? (Ha!) And after much deliberation I came to the grand conclusion that we don't usually 'plan' a chit chat around friends, they just happen. Questions are posed, debates spring up,advice is shared. There is usually lots of laughter, sometimes tears, but at the foundation of it all is a friendship bond that connects us all.

Its always exciting to begin something new! I find it ironic to begin something new this time of year. Its not Spring where we anxiously anticipate new leaves and flowers to peek through the snow. Its not September when kids (and yes adults too!) are squirming in new classrooms with freshly sharpened pencils and brand new notebooks.(ok..who am I laptops and cell phones!! Ha!) And its not Jan 1 of a new year. That time of year of  resolutions and lofty goals.  Nope, I jumped into this at the end of October. Most of the leaves are gone, the air is definitely crispy and the kids are settled into a school routine. Yes, very definitely not a 'start something new' time of year. But then I thought, what the heck!

My house is usually a very busy bustling place to be. A husband, 3 teen boys, their girlfriends, and all their friends. Add 3 dogs to the mix, a few great neighbors dropping in and you kind of get an idea of the organized chaos I call my life. I've had the privilege of being a stay at home mom, and for a few crazy years even home schooled my boys. 

So there you go! My first post! That was actually fun and painless...heehee! I'm very excited to have started this journey and  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am looking forward to having you all join me at my kitchen table. Now I think I need another mug of tea.