Wednesday, 21 December 2011

All The Stockings Were Hung...

Good evening everyone! What a week it has been! I have missed chatting with you all and and very glad to be feeling much better today. The past weekend flew by, the tree was trimmed and I believe, as of this moment, I may actually, officially be done my shopping! WooHoo!!!

'The Ugly Stocking'
I had high hopes for finishing a lot of stuff last week, but unfortunately my R/A decided otherwise. My family and I were able to squeak in the trim trimming in the weekend which was a lot of fun. We had lots of finger foods and desserts, some eggnog, and pop for the rest of us who aren't all that into that. We had the Christmas carols playing and the kids just had fun helping set it up. The dogs of course pace the room wondering what horrible tragedy is happening!  You can see it on their puppy dog faces, "This isn't right! This isn't right!"

Also my husband and I were able to go to the symphony and hear Handel's Messiah. He had won tickets earlier in the week and we had fabulous seats. I was able to last the first 2 parts and got to hear the Hallelujah chorus which is my very favorite of all before we had to go, but it was a wonderful night and I am so glad we had the opportunity to enjoy the music.

Then by Monday my R/A and my Fibro decided they were going to fight to see who could be  the most intrusive in my life the week before Christmas. To be honest, I don't know which one won, but I do know I am truly grateful  for my remicaide infusion I get every 6 weeks, and I just got my last one this Monday. Kind of knocks my socks off for a few days but then I'm back on track for five weeks and look out world!! Like today, I spent five hours shopping, had a shower, wrapped some presents, now doing my blog then off to my son's concert. Woohoo! Life is good!

So everyone, I'm going to keep it short and sweet tonight, so I can make it to my young man's concert. Enjoy the little things this time of year. I know its tough, with so much to do and so much running around and all this holiday stress, but it can be done. No one really cares if the gravy is lumpy, or if you folded the corners perfectly on the wrapping paper. And guess what, if the do, they aren't worth impressing anyways! People usually don't want the expensive things...they want to spend time with you.

Hope your shopping is done, your tree is trimmed, and your eggnog is yummy!! 4 More Sleeps!!
'My Guys'

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