Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Its That Time Of Year!!

Weee! Hi Everyone! So very excited today! And a little harried to, if I'm going to be honest! As you all know my past month has been a little rough between losing my sweetheart at the end of March, and having a real rough patch with my Fibro. But this past weekend things started to look up! So I hope you have your warm mug of something yummy and a few minutes to share your day with me.

This weekend the sun decided to finally shine like it was really Spring in our little corner of the planet! The golden rays felt so wonderful shining in my bedroom window and the breeze smelled like Spring. Ahh...FINALLY!! So I grabbed my proverbial whip, and started snapping my men into action because folks....its 'THAT TIME OF YEAR'

Ok..I guess I should actually clarify a few things in that last paragraph before the next entry in my blog is my obituary. I didn't actually snap my whip.I had been gently nagging on and off for some time (well...one of the jobs that got done had been on the list like 8 years but I don't care, it's done!!) But Ii digress...I didn't snap any whips last weekend because I was pretty much sound asleep most of the weekend. I woke up to all the jobs magically accomplished!!

Wow!! I hear all you wives out there saying that!! I know!! I was saying it too!! And you guys...I hear the grumbling...I know my guy made you all look bad. The man let his sick wife sleep the weekend away, and did chores without nagging!! Things like painting and trim work! (My bathroom looks fabulous!!) Why?! Why would he do such a thing to you guys?

Well..before there is a huge riot at our house and you men come dragging him out and demanding his Man Card, let me finish explaining the rest of that first paragraph...'THAT TIME OF YEAR' .

'THAT TIME OF YEAR' is that super special awesome wonderful time of year that my mom comes to visit. Which also equates to my house getting several much needed small renovations finished and tidied up. (My middle son remarked the other day as things were getting cleaned up and put into place that his Gramma should come visit more often!!) So this time tomorrow I will have picked my mom up from the airport and the fun will have begun!!

Oh...I mentioned I was a bit harried too, didn't I? Well...thats because the room my mom is supposed to sleep in I can barely see the floor! Argh..teenagers! I still have 24hrs...don't worry mom!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Plodding Along

Good afternoon to you all! Hope everyone enjoyed their over dose of chocolate from our favorite Easter Bunny last weekend. We had a fun time with a quick Easter Egg Hunt and then my guys (and the girlfriend!) all showered and shaved and got all handsome for me (well..the girlfriend didn't get handsome for me...but she did dress up pretty...) and we went out for Easter Brunch. We chatted and laughed and snuck wee mini bottles of ketchup into my purse. heehee! It was a wonderful day.

Last few posts I had been hoping to get more organized and cleaned up in my house and life. And to some degree I am happy to report that I have made some great strides. My paper work is not in the same shambles it was once in, and a few of my rooms have had quite of bit of stripping down and cleaning up done to them.

As the snow finally edges away from my yard I can see my gardens and see little crocuses and mini hyacinths peeking through the layers of mulch I left to protect them over winter. Now I see the next project on my list and am anxious to get out doors to begin it. My body and I have been at odds over these recent projects though, so this could be an interesting endevour!

It seems the days I hope to get the projects accomplished that require using my 'brain' such as my blog, or reading or paying bills or home work....my brain goes to mush, or better known as 'Fibro Fog'. Its kind of like a mixture of a head cold, hang over, head ache, can I go to bed feeling. Which sucks because you have usually been in bed for the last 2 days already. I sit down with the best of intentions to accomplish a task and the next thing I know I'm snoozing away and have lost several hours of my already very short day.

My other body 'trick' is the Buzz. The Buzz is sneaky because it can sneak up on me and strike suddenly or it can crawl up slowly and creep its way along your body. When its creeping I try to hurry because you know once its in full throttle you wont be able to work any more, and that probably makes the Buzz worse because you push yourself. Sigh...its a never ending cycle.

But I had a wonderful chat with my Uncle this past week and we decided that sometimes we may make 'poor' decisions and over do and end up paying for it the next day ( or two or three...) but ultimately, that day that we over did...those moments are usually well worth it. Those over done days were days doing things we enjoy doing, spending time with our family...gardening...even running errands!

So Mother Nature...please make up your mind! I did see grass for a whole day before you decided to snow again this past weekend. My seeds are sprouting and I'm anxious to get into my gardens! Even if it means I'm going to pay for it for a few days....

For all of you enjoying a nice warm Spring...I don't want to hear it!! Ha!! And mom..no laughing at me, you will be here next week freezing with us!!

Enjoy your sunshine!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Welcome everyone to my wild and crazy existence! Snow is melting, then falling again, crocuses are blooming, 'herds' of ducks, sometimes known as Canadian Geese, have been seen near our home! Actually as I lay here in my bed in the pre dawn I can hear some flying over head honking at eachother.

My youngest just returned from a 9 day trip to Victoria, B.C. with his Air Cadet Troop. Wow! The things he was able to see and able to do was amazing! He rode a Ferry, went in a light house, boarded a navel ship...it was a whirlwind trip. My young man came back home full of new life experiences.

Matt hugging a Red Wood Tree 
Also this past week, my mom has earned the wonderful bragging rights of being officially RETIRED! Not early retirement, not a package deal, not laid off, not pushed out the door....nope folks! She is one of those few people who has that rare honor and distinction of being able to say she did her job to the very last day and is now officially retired. The only thing that would make this moment any sweeter would be to have my Dad here to celebrate with us. Congrats Mom!! We are VERY proud of you!! 

Part of the 'retirement' changes  that happened this past weekend at my mom's house was my sister and her family moved out after spending several years living there while going to school. My sister and her husband finished their degrees and are now ready to leave the nest. So they packed up the dog, my nephew and niece and headed out to a wonderful new townhouse that I can't wait to see on my next visit out East! (Hey! Send pics when you are all settled in!!!)

Speaking of visits out East and changes...my next visit will involve welcoming a new niece or nephew for my brother and sister in law this Fall. Another little bundle to love and hold and cuddle! It was such a wonderful phone call when we received the news!!! I can hardly wait to meet the newest member of our growing family. ( I wonder if we should have a post on wives tales about pregnancy and babies? hmmm)

2012 has certainly been a year of change for myself and my family. While most of the changes have been wonderful and exciting, I have just one sad change to share. This past week we had to make the very difficult decision to put my very best and loyal companion of 13.5 years down. The house just doesn't seem the same with out my friend pattering beside me and truck rides are definitely not the same without her sitting 'shot gun'. I miss her less then feminine snore at night and her excited face when I would get home from anywhere. But most of all I just miss my girl.

So that, my friends, has been my exciting and eventful week of changes. Not all the changes have been great, but all have been life changing. All have been cause for celebrations...stories told, moments recalled and shared, tears cried & hugs given (thanks Bestie). Each of these changes were shared with loved ones. All the exciting moments with sweat and boxes (gee sorry we missed the move guys...) and celebrations with friends for my mom! Each of these changes (and more to come in the months to follow I'm sure) will set new and exciting moments and stories and friendships into motion.

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -” 

Wow! What a week! I think I need more then a warm cup of something this week! Ha!!
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