Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I Miss My Bestie!!

Hi everyone!! No I'm not dead...just feeling a wee bit over whelmed. Life seems to rush by sometimes and I feel like I am in the exhaust fumes right now and have no idea where my days have gone. But I have grabbed my tea and plan on enjoying a few moments with my friends.

So a quick update on my unwanted guests! After my cleaning and searching we seemed to have found their 'door way' into the house. So we jammed it full of poison (YES poison, all you environmentalists can comment later, and then come scrub cupboards after your comments!!) and sealed it up. Laid a few traps in front of the hole, snapped a few unfortunate victims (sorry dudes...really I am) and FYI REALLY didn't need to see the bodies! and we seem to be rodent free. Yeah us!!

On Friday I was playing away on my computer as I am known to do,when I heard we were expecting a huge snow storm. Not a big deal  in Feb. usually but we have had such an incredible winter and it honestly was starting to feel like Spring. In fact a couple days earlier my son and I drove by one of the ranches near us and I saw a baby calf in the field which is my 'official' sign of Spring. So snowstorm seemed unreal to fact I believe our last one was in Nov! )

It was to start late Friday afternoon....nothing....Friday Bestie and I thought haha!! Maybe it will miss us. Which would be great because they were leaving for vacation on Sunday. So off to bed we all went with nary a flake in sight
 Well Saturday morning I looked out my window....HOLY CRAP! That was a serious amount of snow. Now before all you Easteners start telling me how you get ten feet of snow in an afternoon yadda yadda...I am just saying we went from NONE all winter to almost as high as the windows on my F-150 once the guys finished shoveling. And that took almost all weekend because it came down Foomp! over night then didn't let up til Sunday.

So my Bestie and her family shoveled a bit that Saturday, finished packing their shorts and bathing suits, and drove off early Sunday morning before the winter sun had poked over the horizon. She left me the key to her house to feed and love the kitties, but I think in all fairness if she left me behind in all this cold and snow I should do something evil to the house like bring over some of my unwanted guests.(Insert evil laugh!!)

But seriously..I hope she and her family are having a carefree wonderful time frolicking on the beach drinking fancy drinks in coconuts and pineapples. And I hope she's having one for me!! And while I bet she looks like this dancing on the beach I will continue to try and keep myself entertained until she comes back!! I miss ya Bestie!!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Uninvited Guests

Happy lazy Sunday to everyone. Hope you are enjoying each others company and not rushing around to much. Yesterday my hubby and I did our errands and  today we are both still being lazy in bed watching crappy weekend t.v. and dozing. Ahhh Sunday!

So recently we have discovered we might have a small problem in our house. At least we hope its a small problem. Its happened every once in a while over the years....we go into the pantry in the basement and discover we have a little unwanted visitor. So out come the traps..within a day or so, SNAP...and we are mouse free again.

This winter however, we seem to be having a little bit of a larger issue. We caught one...but then about a week later the kids heard the tell tale scurrying sounds in the pantry area again. We thought, no way....but sure enough, my 16 year old trapped that mouse in a full box of Wagon Wheels (not cool!! stupid mouse!)

Being the bleeding heart that I am, the boy gave me the box, that I brought out side to the end of my drive way in front of my neighbor's house and gently shook the mouse out. Well...the damn thing leapt out of the box, dashed past my dog, under my truck,  straight up my drive way and back into the house. My son stood on the deck looking at me with a look of disbelief while I giggled like an idiot. How the heck could that thing have figured out where the house was that fast?? He didn't even pause to look around to get his bearings!! Do mice to reconnaissance at night in case they get caught in the Wagon Wheel box?

Since then we have been catching about a mouse a week for last few weeks. Its GROSS!!! I am not happy. We only find them in the same spot, can't figure out how they are getting in, but the house is sure getting clean!! All the containers are are either Rubber Maid or stuff is put in plastic containers. Last night I totally cleaned and rearranged my kitchen. I'm gonna win!! No stupid little mouse is going to win!

My problem is I have 3 teenage boys...who eat food..every where...and don't always clean it up. Its mousey heaven in that basement! And their rooms are not much better. Open bags of chips, old lunches, open wrappers from yogurts or puddings. Its fiesta time for the mice!

But my super hubby and I are fighting back! I am turning into Nagging Mom!! And hubby has pulled out the super arsenal...Rat Poison! (Super Hero Music insert here!) So I will keep you up to date on the little fiasco.

Enjoy your long weekend everyone! I am hoping to see no cute little mouse squished into a trap or scampering across my basement floor.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Heart Day

Just a quick Happy Valentin'e Day to all my friends.
 I would be remiss to not at least drop a quick note a wish a little love and romance out to everyone! Some loving gazes, tender touches...maybe chocolate strawberries and champagne.
Sit under the stars, maybe a walk in the moon light, holding hands.
The world disappears for the few hours, just you and your significant other, 
enjoying this special day. 

Aww...who am I kidding?? Enjoy the guilt chocolate ladies, and the flowers if he remembers!! Heehee!!
Thanks Hallmark!
And guys, I actually do feel for you. Its a rough day!
And singles...don't take this day so the chocolate and send your self a card and sign it
"From Some One Who Love You Very Much!!"

Ok...Enough being silly! As you can tell I do not take Valentine's Day too seriously. But I am grateful I do have not 1 but 4 very special Valentine's in my life.
And I am taking this moment right now to wish them a very happy Valentine's Day!
I Love You All VERY Much!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Projects...The Never Ending Evils

Good morning to everyone! First I must apologize to you all...I have been neglecting my blog! I seem to be arguing with my body on how much we are able to handle a day. Unfortunately my body seems to have way more control over my then I care to admit and its been winning a few more times then I like, but this morning I am a head so I am taking advantage of the moment and enjoying my time with you all!So quick!! Grab that warm mug and pull up that chair and lets enjoy this moment.

So, confession time today. Guys and gals...myself many of you have a hidden box , closet, covered desk or other spot full of well intentioned unfinished projects? The reason I ask is because I spent the weekend tidying up my bedroom and cleaning up my spots of almost finished knitting projects.

Then I went in my hallway and there was a bunch of baskets of unfinished crafts, and beside those were well intentioned scrap books. (Really!! I am going to make that scrap book of our Disneyland trip one day!!)  I have buckets of stamps and card making supplies, acrylic paints, brushes and and and I think you all get the idea.

I know I am forever after my husband to finish off those last few detail on our renovation projects all over the house like baseboards (which I have heard from many guys are over rated) but after looking over these little projects I thought to procrastinate as much as he does. Shhh don't tell him that! He will never let me live that down!! Ha!!

And it got me to thinking...why do we do that? We all start out so excited! A brand new project. We get our information. Our supplies and maybe some wisdom from a few people who have done it before. If its a bigger project, we invest in a book or a class and then we jump right in. Oh the fun!! I love buying new yarn! Figuring out the pattern and what I want to see happen. I have several bags of 'one mitt attempts'. They aren't failures per say, because I know for the next one how I want to adjust them...I just kind of lose steam and say I will get back to it in a wee bit or right after this next project.

So after going through all of my stuff the other day, I came up with a few ideas on how to deal with all these projects laying all over. I figure this is not teaching my children anything about responsibility. They must look at all this stuff and think," well, it doesn't matter what you start because you never have to finish it!" This is not something I want them to think is true. So I figure I will do the most mature thing I can think of....

I am just going to get rid of it all. I am going to find a big giant pit, bring my guys and have them blow it all up!! BOOM!
I figure with the amount of stuff I have accumulated over the years I do not stand a chance of ever catching up. I know...some of you are shaking your heads and saying I am missing out on that wonderful feeling of accomplishment you feel when you have worked super hard at something and you see it through to the end. And you are absolutely right!! There is nothing more satisfying then holding that finished quilt in your hands, or soaking in that finished bathroom, or enjoying that first Bar B Q on that brand new deck. 

But, at the end of the day, I know myself, my husband and my kids. We will always have half finished projects laying around. Some will actually get done! Most wont...but let me tell you...the day we blow up those unfinished projects will be the coolest day EVER!! And for those of you who know my family well, you know right after we blow those projects up, my hubby and I will relax curled up on a white couch just like this one while he strums away on his guitar and sings songs to me.....Ya right...he will be at the hard ware store looking for the next new project!!

Here's to all the unfinished projects out there!! To all of you who finish are a curious amaze me!! Come to my house and I will keep you busy for a while!! Enjoy your afternoons everyone! Chat soon!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New Friends...New Adventures...

Good afternoon and where in the world did January go?? I've had a bit of a bump this past week with a fibro flare (my body apparently thought sleep was over rated) just at the same time as I decided to jump feet first into my doggie treat business! I have been pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback and the amount of orders coming in. So I have been busy in the kitchen baking doggie treats in lots of different sizes and flavors. If you are me at for flavors and pricing. Okay...enough self selling for today...ha! On to my deep musing that struck my this past week.

Because of my illnesses I have been home for long time now. I get fatigued very easily, and a lot of times the very act of getting ready to go out tires me out to the point of not wanting to go out. I have a few good friends who understand and compensate for my illness. My Bestie held Christmas dinner for me as I slept through most of Christmas day. Most people would have kept me a plate...she kept me a hug and we all ate together. But she is the exception to the rule. 

Over time my only real social outlet has become my computer. I've joined some awesome R/A support groups and met some very understanding  and caring people. People just like me going through very similar circumstances. We are all struggling with pain issues, medication issues, we share info on what works for us, what didn't work. And as time has creeped by I have been fortunate enough to have made a few great connections to some wonderful people I call friend. 

And this is where the musings begin.  My spouse  of almost 21 years  has had a hard time accepting the fact that I can be making what he considers 'real' friends online. He does not  comprehend how people who have never met  face to face can actually share a real friendship bond. He keeps saying that people can be lying. Just saying what they think I want to hear etc. And he's right, there are people like that, even in 'real' life situations.  But for him a real friend goes out for coffee, or grabs a movie with you. 
I try to explain to him how society has changed. Even for people who have the privilege of having a great friend next door or working in the same office, a lot of times they still probably spend most of their time conversing over a text message. And to top it off, how often have you gone out with friends and had them texting while you were visiting. Its just how things go now. Its not perfect, and I think we as adults have to teach our children a form of cell phone edict, which is hard because we are still learning how to deal with it ourselves. But I digress...ha! Not surprising....

So...whats your opinions, if you care to share them? I know I am blessed to have readers young and old...and from all over the world. Do you believe you can foster great friendships online?  Or are you old school and believe that most people lie online about themselves and so the friendships are just hollow. I know I'm 'new' school. I've met lots of really nice people and made one very special friend. I've heard as you grow older if you have one treasured friend you are very lucky. Well, I know I have lots of treasure then and I love each and every one of you.

So hope you are all well and looking forward to the end of winter. Enjoy your afternoon and I'm looking forward to your opinions on this friendship poll!