Sunday, 19 February 2012

Uninvited Guests

Happy lazy Sunday to everyone. Hope you are enjoying each others company and not rushing around to much. Yesterday my hubby and I did our errands and  today we are both still being lazy in bed watching crappy weekend t.v. and dozing. Ahhh Sunday!

So recently we have discovered we might have a small problem in our house. At least we hope its a small problem. Its happened every once in a while over the years....we go into the pantry in the basement and discover we have a little unwanted visitor. So out come the traps..within a day or so, SNAP...and we are mouse free again.

This winter however, we seem to be having a little bit of a larger issue. We caught one...but then about a week later the kids heard the tell tale scurrying sounds in the pantry area again. We thought, no way....but sure enough, my 16 year old trapped that mouse in a full box of Wagon Wheels (not cool!! stupid mouse!)

Being the bleeding heart that I am, the boy gave me the box, that I brought out side to the end of my drive way in front of my neighbor's house and gently shook the mouse out. Well...the damn thing leapt out of the box, dashed past my dog, under my truck,  straight up my drive way and back into the house. My son stood on the deck looking at me with a look of disbelief while I giggled like an idiot. How the heck could that thing have figured out where the house was that fast?? He didn't even pause to look around to get his bearings!! Do mice to reconnaissance at night in case they get caught in the Wagon Wheel box?

Since then we have been catching about a mouse a week for last few weeks. Its GROSS!!! I am not happy. We only find them in the same spot, can't figure out how they are getting in, but the house is sure getting clean!! All the containers are are either Rubber Maid or stuff is put in plastic containers. Last night I totally cleaned and rearranged my kitchen. I'm gonna win!! No stupid little mouse is going to win!

My problem is I have 3 teenage boys...who eat food..every where...and don't always clean it up. Its mousey heaven in that basement! And their rooms are not much better. Open bags of chips, old lunches, open wrappers from yogurts or puddings. Its fiesta time for the mice!

But my super hubby and I are fighting back! I am turning into Nagging Mom!! And hubby has pulled out the super arsenal...Rat Poison! (Super Hero Music insert here!) So I will keep you up to date on the little fiasco.

Enjoy your long weekend everyone! I am hoping to see no cute little mouse squished into a trap or scampering across my basement floor.