Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fool!

Good April First to you all! I hope the tricksters haven't been too bad to you... well a little bad would be good! If you were fooled or did some fooling this year I would love to hear about it! Or send me a picture too!

I think Mother Nature is playing the longest April Fool's joke ever. If this winter ever ends (according to the calendar it has.. according to my window it has not!) I think I am seriously going to look into learning how to build igloos and train my dogs to pull a sled! Who knows? These might prove to be great life skills in the coming ice age.. Ha!

I jest of course! We all know that the Earth is heating up not cooling down. (ya right, Mother Nature! Ha Ha!) Scientists show us pictures of polar ice caps melting and poor polar bears stranded on small chunks of ice... I say send the bears here to Alberta! It's frigging cold here!

But alas.. rumour has it that Spring is just around the corner. Bird song is in the air. The sunshine is definitely that warmer Spring sun, and the days are getting longer! Last night it was still bright until 8:30pm!

So Mother Nature... Whatever medication you forgot to take back in February or March... smarten up and get this season thing back on track. This joke isn't funny anymore and I, for one, am anxious to get my hands in the dirt and plant stuff and get my usual sunburn!

Happy April 1st Everyone!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Dry Brown Grass

Good morning everyone! I am hoping that the longer days and warmer spring sunshine are touching that weary winter soul within you and renewing it with the freshness of a new season upon us.
Who knew that seeing a few patches of dry brown grass would excite me as much as it has this year! Every morning I check out my window to see the progress the warmth of the sunshine has had on the old hard dirty snow. My front garden is where I have the brave little crocuses pop up as soon as they possibly can, so I check every day to see if there is any signs of their brave little spikes.
My fingers just itch walking into hardware stores... Seeds... New planters... New bird feeders.. Bird baths... Solar lights... Stain for the deck.. Paint for the door... Ahhhhh! To be outside and enjoy the birdsong and fresh air. Long walks with my dogs and watch them run and chase dandelion fluffy and grasshoppers. I know! I'm getting ahead of myself... But I saw those patches of brown grass!
Those patches hold such promise to us. We survived another hard winter! We have the promise of those wonderful warm days ahead. Those lazy days bring neighbours and friends out of their winter hiding and gather around BBQ's and fire pits & pool parties.
It's funny the things that inspire us! May you find your patch of brown grass today and be excited for what tomorrow brings! Old Man Winter is almost done! Long live the power of the brown grass! Ha!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Heart Day!

Wow! Incredible how time flies... Hope you are all keeping warm. Maybe enjoying your favorite hot beverage or hot toddy while cheering on your country during these winter
Olympics.(Go Canada!)

It's been very heart warming to hear the stories coming from the Olympics. How friendships are forged and how no matter where each of our Olympians place, we as a nation are proud of each one.

This kind of makes me think of our families & friends, especially this close to Valentines Day. We are like our own little nations... with close friends who fill special niches in our lives, maybe some neighbors are a bit of a... Ummm... 'struggle' to form an alliances with (Ha!)

And each struggle and chat over a fence. Every call or video chat with family & friends near and far makes me realize how special each and every one of you are. (Ha! I'm a poet!)

In this day and age it's such a gift to be able to pick up a phone and hear a loved ones voice, or type a few words & let your teenagers know you love them with out embarrassing them in front of their friends. Ha! Another favorite of mine is Facetime with everyone. Living so far away doesn't feel so far for a few minutes when you have kids dancing & singing & telling you stories. It's almost like being right there in the room with them.

I have a pretty fantastic 'nation' and at the very core of it is a very awesome family. I know we put the 'fun'  in dysfunctional way more often than we should, but at the end of the day, I have wonderful husband who works hard to keep our 'nation's capital' with a roof and food. And I also have 4 great guys living here who are each my favorites! Heehee! Luv Ya guys!

Happy Heart Day Everyone! But especially to my family & friends... For without you all I would just be a crazy dog lady!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

All is wrapped, the stockings are filled, the fridge is finally stocked with the turkey and all the fixings.

My husband and I spent all Christmas eve running those last minute errands that should have only taken a few hours but as we are finally climbing into I realize those errands and chores took almost 8 hours! Every year I tell myself I will be much more organized... much more on top of the festivities, no more of this last minute hustle and bustle and running around. More like I was before I had kids! Or Fibro... Or R/A... "

My Christmas cards (with letter) were written and mailed by Dec. 1, decorations were up the first week and baking was done all month as needed for different school or church activities. Shopping was finished before the snow flew! (it was almost a dare between me & mother nature! Ha!) sigh... What happened to that me?

Now after the presents have been opened, all the food has been cooked and eaten and the kids have scattered around to their friends to compare loot, I now have a chance to take 'stock' of the past month. How well did we do even though there weren't cookies made(Yikes! Store bought!), or no cards mailed (sorry if you got an email or I call you personally this week instead!). Even the crazy Christmas eve shopping was fun. I enjoyed spending the time with my hubby with the challenges of those last minute ideas.

I am so grateful for everyone in my house. Over time our family has grown and we now have an 'adopted' son who has moved in with us(a friend of our middle son) and there are girlfriends and of course the furry family members. Every one in my house gets into the spirit of the season and helps out.

From decorating, cooking, cleaning and of course....

EATING! Yummmmm!

So, at the end of the end of this wonderful Christmas day, after all the hustle and bustle and running around. After realizing that I am definitely not the organized woman I was in years past I have come to the conclusion that I love my family very much, and I love my husband even more. He is a very remarkable guy! I am extremely glad to know that my family loves just being together and that the other stuff that I was stressing about just isn't that important. And I guess that means I have some super awesome boys under my roof.

My Boys, Alex, Matt, Will & Jeff
Merry Christmas to all my friends & family! Hope you are enjoying the season with all your heart's desires and may love & laughter fill your homes!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Count Down Is On!

Wow! Hard to believe a month today is Christmas day! Where I live we are definitely having a white one as we have had several large snow falls and I am very grateful I have strong, generous young men who push the snow blower and shovels for me.

It's been a crazy month while my husband (and the rest of us!) have been adjusting to his new job and schedule. Going from a 9-5 job to a hmmm... gone 2 days? Maybe 10? has definitely been a different way of life for all of us.

It seems like 2013 has definitely been a year of huge changes for our family. Medical ones, jobs, family & friends moving, additions to our family (furry & people). All of them have shaped and changed our little world into a different entity than it was 11 months ago, that's for sure!

I know that this time of year is hectic for everyone. My American friends are bustling around getting ready for their Thanksgiving weekend, and on top of that we are all shopping & baking and decorating for next month.

I'm very grateful for the Internet when it comes to doing my shopping! Never knowing how my cranky body is going to behave it is a relief to be able to click and order. Ha! Also, with all the snow we have received it's really nice not to worry about trying to park at the Mall or stand in busy lines.

Well hopefully most of you are more organized than I am and have at least started your shopping and baking. Like I said before, it's a month away people! I can't believe I haven't even started! But with all the craziness this past month time seems to have slipped through my fingers.

But now that I have a week to myself while my hubby is working, and I have realized how little time I have until Christmas, I plan on using this time to get caught up on some of my holiday 'jobs'.

Hope your count down is exciting and stress free!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

I'm Still Alive!

Good morning everyone! I can only imagine your thoughts of where I have disappeared to this past while. I can assure you all that while there were many days I struggled through, I am still here kicking and screaming (OK... kicking maybe slightly exaggerated? Haha!) and ready to share my wit and wisdom once more to all who wish to listen! So my dear friends, grab a steaming mug of tea(or coffee... or hot chocolate! Yum) and let's get reacquainted.

Summer was crazy busy for us even though we stayed home. And when I say 'we' I mean my husband & myself. The kids have all reached that magical age where they are just 'gone'. The oldest 2 would have plans on the weekends and be 'gone'. Camping with friends, parties, or suddenly they are all at our home and the house is over run with young men & women eating our food and taking over our house and backyard (because they always need to use the firepit for the party! Duh mom!) and just as suddenly as they all show up they all leave and the house is quiet again because they are all 'gone'.

The youngest was at Air Cadet camp for 6 weeks so during the week when the 2 older ones and my husband were working the house was very quiet. And now this new transition of 'gone' on the weekends to work through... Hmmm.

Now I know my mother is reading this and thinking "Oh good grief! Enjoy! You're free!". And she's right! But I keep thinking wow... how did this happen? And how did it happen without any warning? Wasn't it just last month I was chasing little boys around?

Well, as I sat around contemplating the quietness I realized I was definitely suffering from a case of 'empty nest syndrome'. (oh dear.. my poor mom is just shaking her head and thinking, silly girl!) So... instead of gracefully adjusting to this next stage of life, I did the next most brilliant thing I could think of... I got a puppy!

Seems logical! Right? Ha! Well... this little guy has brought a whole lot of crazy back into our lives. At almost 5 months old he is a solid 25lbs of clumsy puppy love. He bowls straight into you like an enthusiastic furry tank with a wet tongue and making happy little 'oinking' sounds.

So now it seems I have staved off the empty nest syndrome for a while longer... I may not be chasing my little boys anymore who are growing in to wonderful young men, but I am definitely chasing boys (and a girl) again! I just traded in for some furry barking children! And I'm enjoying every minute of it!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

He Must Be Family...

Good afternoon everyone! It's a beautiful Alberta summer day with an endless blue sky, light breeze and not a cloud in the sky! These are wonderful days to be a puppy...

Our little guy just turned 9 weeks old on Sunday and like most puppies he has woven his way into our hearts with his silly antics and seemingly boundless energy. His awkward leaps and bounds, sloppy kisses and boyish charm.

Well, Monday night our little guy just did not have a great night. He has been sleeping through the nights pretty regularly so when he was up every hour and half and running for water it was definitely odd. But we chalked it up to an off night and my husband went to work.

Later that morning when I got up with him, he was not hungry and just laying around. Hmmm.. Okkkk this is not our Koda! He eats EVERYTHING! He's always busy til he drops for a nap. What's up with our little man?

So a few calls later, and off to the vet we go. Things like Parvo (a very bad thing for a puppy to catch) are thrown at me. Once that test ruled that out I was so relieved. For a few minutes...

Then the other shoe fell... More tests.. which tests can we afford? Which are most helpful? And then Brian called...my rock... my sensible partner, he decided to grow a heart that day. He is always so practical & draws the line where I always go with my heart.

But Mr Practical has apparently bonded with another furry beast in this house and no line was drawn. Next thing I knew I was getting puppy kisses and handing my Koda over for emergency surgery to remove something that was blocking his intestines.

What a long evening waiting for the vet to call. Constantly checking my cell wondering how he was doing. How in the world can this little guy have become so important to all of us in such a short time?

Well.... 2 days later I am very happy to announce that our little guy is home recuperating. Apparently eating lots of dirt was very bad for him! Silly puppy! So besides the horror of the 'cone of shame', which I would think would slow him down a bit but hasn't, he seems to be pretty much his same old self.

So Koda... I just wanted to let you know, you are the first pet ever that Brian has ever okayed a vet bill of that 'magnitude'! Some how.. you managed to become family in a really short amount of time. Welcome little guy.

Now stop eating everything! Especially dirt!!