Monday, 10 August 2015

Count Down Is On!

What a difference a few weeks can make! I hope everyone is enjoying the warm summer weather, the frosty drinks and the beautiful starry nights.

I'm looking out my window and already my trees are showing signs of late summer. The bright green leaves have long gone and been replaced with ripening berries on the branches. The quick surge of growth from the warm Spring sun has been replaced by tired blooms and slowed growth. I can hardly believe it is already well into August!

It's been an exciting Spring and Summer for us. The anticipation of half my family moving down the street from me made time seem to stand still yet race forward because I was having lots of fun having my little sister live with us before her family could be here.

Then my youngest graduated from high school (where did THAT time go?!) and we had a home full of family visiting to cheer my son on for his success in this chapter of his life. Shortly after that wonderful celebration I got sick and it seems like just now I am recouping enough that I have energy to enjoy the rest of the summer! Weeee!

So... to 'celebrate' me being well (yaaa.. let's use that excuse!) my hubby found me a new toy! A fun Jeep to run around in. It's not brand new, but it's paid for and that makes
it the best kind of vehicle to have! My dogs already approve and my youngest is demanding to learn how to drive shift so he can drive the Jeep! Ha! Until he figures it out, I'm safe! It's all mine!

So as the weeks tick down to the end of summer and the beginning of the next school year (and I know many excited parents anticipating that day!) enjoy the evening fire pits, toasted marshmallows
and yes... even the million hotdogs you probably have consumed by now! Ha! All to soon we will be longing for these glorious warm lazy summer days.

Enjoy the count down! It's going way to fast for me!

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