Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Thank You For Being My Friend...

Good sunny afternoon my friends and family! I hope you are all enjoying these fleeting carefree summer days. All too soon the heat we are grumbling about now will be replaced with frosty mornings and busy schedules! So! Grab a frosty mug of something cold,  put that lawn chair in the shade and let's chat.

Well today is going to be kind of a rant/"what's your opinion? " kind of blog. I've been sick since May, and because of that I have had the 'pleasure' of spending many hours sitting in the ER waiting room or in a hospital bed. Other times I'm enjoying the company of other people requiring the expertise of the nursing staff as we all line up for iv medications for varying ailments. (by the way... nurses are saints! This is not a pick on nurses blog.. EVER!)

During all this quality hospital time I  noticed that patients all kind of bond with each other as we started seeing each other day after day. At first it's, "So, what brings you here?"... Then someone eavesdropping a couple chairs down has to top your illness with something cool like a black widow spider bite! (true story! Really gross!) Ha! Pretty soon you all have cell phones out sharing pictures and Facebook pages and you feel like wow! I've really hit it off with someone who gets me! I've made a friend!

Now.... here's where my rant is about to kick in because while I was also in the hospital I also had several conversations with people who were terribly upset by their 'friends'... some they had even know since childhood. These were people who knew each other's deepest darkest secrets and now they were having these terrible arguments while they were in the hospital and needed each other the most.

Lots of people felt very isolated from
family and friends. People who they felt should have been the most supportive and understanding were suddenly 'too busy' to talk or drop by. Some family members were challenging the 'reality' of the suffering the patient was complaining about or the reality of the actual diagnosis.

I don't get it. Why is a friendship based on good times? We all have valleys in life and rest assured you will be much happier to know that the people who you have over for backyard BBQs and sit and watch movies with or share neighborhood gossip with will also be the people who will be there to hug you and sit and listen when life has you down.

Why are we sitting alone in hospitals sharing our fears and pain with total strangers? Why are our nearest and dearest too busy... too tired of us and our situation... What needs to change? I know we need to educate each other... patient and friends... be honest... talk to each other. Not behind each other's backs. It's not easy, but hurting each other is harder. One awkward conversation being open can save a relationship and who knows... Maybe next time we meet at the hospital, you won't be sitting talking to me... You'll be laughing with your bestie!

As a closing note, before my hubby reads this and has hurt feelings, I have to say I am extremely lucky as he usually drives me and stays with me as often as he is able to. He also listens to me whine and complain but we also have learned that every opportunity that I am well we are out the door and enjoying each other's company. He puts up with my goofiness and hands me a tissue when I'm teary. He really is my best friend. SHMILY

I'd love to hear from you all about how you get through the good and bad days. Leave a comment or email me! Enjoy your day and treasure your special family and friends!

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