Saturday, 11 July 2015

Next Chapter

Good afternoon my friends and family! I know! It's been a while. I must admit to a few things before we begin... writers block for sure was number one on my list! I kept thinking how totally uneventful my life has been... I've kind of reached a period of time in my life where my children are old enough to care for themselves & are gone all day (and some nights!) and my husband is busy working at a very demanding job that keeps him hopping.

Also, I've spent most of the summer recovering from a bad infection so I have not had the energy to do... well... anything. My doggie nurse maids keep me company and I find myself sleeping a lot!! So my pool of writing material has been rather low needless to say!

But as I was laying here this morning bemoaning another slow moving start to my day, it also dawned on me that today is the official count down to when my sister goes back home to pick up our mom and her family, 2 u-hauls, 2 cats, tent trailer and what ever else manages to hitch hike back with them!

So no more empty nest! No more 'all the kids are grown & gone'! I get the blessing of enjoying a' do over' with my niece and nephews. Back to cheering on sporting events, sitting in concerts and school plays. Back to little cuddles and goodnight kisses with the added perk of sending them home! Hehehe!

So looking forward to having the writer's block gone with the entertainment of this new pool of 'victims'! Small children and stressed out adults always offer some writing value. (insert evil laugh here!)

Being an Auntie is awesome! 9 more sleeps! Drive those U-hauls like you stole them guys!

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