Tuesday, 26 May 2015

New Chapters...

Wow! Spring! OK... I think I've been on a bit of a hiatus... My life just seemed to stop and not really seem to be that 'blog' worthy I guess. But, with the change in season, it seems that I am looking at a change in life too. So... grab that warm mug and grab a chair and let's catch up!

So first I should clarify, these life changes are happening to family around me and these changes are pleasantly enhancing my world.

My youngest sister and her family along with my mom with be all moving to my neck of the woods by mid July! I am so very excited to have some of my family near me. What fun it will be to finally be a full time Auntie!

Also hitting a major life milestone is my youngest son. He is graduating high school this year and that officially is my last one through early education. Now the world is at his feet and like most young people his age he has countless dreams but no real plans. Lucky for him he is #3 and we don't worry so much like we did with #1. They figure it out.

I can't believe I just celebrated another birthday... Bringing the mid century mark that much closer too. It's still a few years away (phewwww) but not as far as I would like it to be! I look at pictures of old friends from high school and think... Wow! I hope I don't look that old! And then another scarey thought pops into my head.. the people I went to high school with now run the government. Haha!

How exciting these next few months will be as my sister and her family settle in to their new home and my mom settles into hers. We are all within a short walk of each other so it's very exciting!

My 3 young men are all stepping up into new life stages. Finishing college, starting careers, finding themselves... such an exciting and intimidating time of life, but hopefully they enjoy it all!

Hope this finds all my friends & family far and wide happy and well! Enjoying new chapters in your life, small and large!

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