Saturday, 3 October 2015

Thinking is Overrated!

Happy weekend my friends and family! Hard to believe we are down to the last quarter of 2015. It's true when they say the older you get, the faster time seems to go.

The leaves are beautiful and the air is crisp now. The weather man has even uttered the nasty 's' word! For crying out loud... I just convinced my husband to take out the last air-conditioned from the bedroom today! I am not ready for Fall.... or... **SNOW** But, alas, as is normal in my world, it just is beyond my control and doesn't matter if I'm ready or not. Life goes on and I'm swept along with the consequences of my situation.

I have been discussing this with several people recently. That loss of control despite preparing for whatever we think is going to happen. We set up schedules, rides, have a friend or family member as back up... but then 'life happens'.

Maybe the situation came unexpectedly, and no matter how prepared, there was no way of really being ready. Maybe your friends couldn't handle the extra 'mile' you needed, or your family had other obligations.

Sometimes when 'life happens' and it seems like a horrible thing, it can actually be a silver lining.  Those fairweather friends show thier true colors, but those near and dear shine bright like a beacon.

These life events teach us so much, and with that comes wisdom and compassion. What was once an overwhelming life event that your family and friends loved and supported you through may one day give you the opportunity to open your arms and heart to someone when 'life happens' to them,because we all know it will no matter how much we try to prepare for it.

Try to keep a soft heart after these situations because no matter what you will be hurt. Don't let that stop you from sharing and helping later on. A few false friends or busy people shouldn't mold you. Maybe 'life' is happening to them at the same time and we just don't see it because we are busy looking at our 'slice of life'.

Above all, speak the truth, but do it not to harm. Be open to people and what they offer you. Try to be slow to judge. And most of all... Life is going to happen... Just try and enjoy it! (told you I was thinking too much! Ha!)

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