Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New Friends...New Adventures...

Good afternoon and where in the world did January go?? I've had a bit of a bump this past week with a fibro flare (my body apparently thought sleep was over rated) just at the same time as I decided to jump feet first into my doggie treat business! I have been pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback and the amount of orders coming in. So I have been busy in the kitchen baking doggie treats in lots of different sizes and flavors. If you are interested...email me at herbalhounds@gmail.com for flavors and pricing. Okay...enough self selling for today...ha! On to my deep musing that struck my this past week.

Because of my illnesses I have been home for long time now. I get fatigued very easily, and a lot of times the very act of getting ready to go out tires me out to the point of not wanting to go out. I have a few good friends who understand and compensate for my illness. My Bestie held Christmas dinner for me as I slept through most of Christmas day. Most people would have kept me a plate...she kept me a hug and we all ate together. But she is the exception to the rule. 

Over time my only real social outlet has become my computer. I've joined some awesome R/A support groups and met some very understanding  and caring people. People just like me going through very similar circumstances. We are all struggling with pain issues, medication issues, we share info on what works for us, what didn't work. And as time has creeped by I have been fortunate enough to have made a few great connections to some wonderful people I call friend. 

And this is where the musings begin.  My spouse  of almost 21 years  has had a hard time accepting the fact that I can be making what he considers 'real' friends online. He does not  comprehend how people who have never met  face to face can actually share a real friendship bond. He keeps saying that people can be lying. Just saying what they think I want to hear etc. And he's right, there are people like that, even in 'real' life situations.  But for him a real friend goes out for coffee, or grabs a movie with you. 
I try to explain to him how society has changed. Even for people who have the privilege of having a great friend next door or working in the same office, a lot of times they still probably spend most of their time conversing over a text message. And to top it off, how often have you gone out with friends and had them texting while you were visiting. Its just how things go now. Its not perfect, and I think we as adults have to teach our children a form of cell phone edict, which is hard because we are still learning how to deal with it ourselves. But I digress...ha! Not surprising....

So...whats your opinions, if you care to share them? I know I am blessed to have readers young and old...and from all over the world. Do you believe you can foster great friendships online?  Or are you old school and believe that most people lie online about themselves and so the friendships are just hollow. I know I'm 'new' school. I've met lots of really nice people and made one very special friend. I've heard as you grow older if you have one treasured friend you are very lucky. Well, I know I have lots of treasure then and I love each and every one of you.

So hope you are all well and looking forward to the end of winter. Enjoy your afternoon and I'm looking forward to your opinions on this friendship poll!