Saturday, 28 January 2012

What Would You Do?

Good Saturday Morning!! Hope you are enjoying a nice big mug of coffee and your Saturday newspaper funnies. Actually...I kind of wonder how many people still get morning newspapers anymore? But how ever you kick back and enjoy your Saturday morning before the 'Honey Do List' gets whipped out, I hope its been nice and relaxing and we can squeeze in a few more minutes together to chat before the chores and business of life squeeze in.

Well...I'm going to warn you, I am having one of those weird brain wanderings. One of these silly 'me' moments that I'm sure isn't unique to me, but my family is sure I'm crazy and no one else thinks of this weird things but me.

It all started yesterday morning. I got up in the morning, fed my dogs, made my tea, grabbed my cereal bowl and went to my pantry. So far so good, right? (boy,  my dogs and I are such creatures of habit!! ha!!) Well, I grabbed my ever exciting box of Raisin Bran....yes...I am that old! and poured it into my bowl. Was I ever disappointed to only have half a bowl of cereal come out of the box!!

Now here's my silly me moment....what do I do now? I'm hungry...I'm programmed to have my Raisin Bran...I'm out of Raisin I looked in the pantry. I do have other fact I have another brown cereal. Chocolate Cheerios....can I mix the 2? Do I have a bowl of just the Cheerios? Is it ok to mix cereals? What if it tastes gross?  Will it wreck my day? Oh the PRESSURE!!!

Then I think....Come On Mickiee!! Go For It!!! MIX IT!!!! Live in the moment!! 

And you know what? It wasn't half bad. I don't know if it would be something I would recommend everyday, but if I'm ever that situation again I wont hesitate to grab that box of Chocolate Cheerios.

So now I have to ask many of you out there mix your cereals? Or on the flip side, how many of you would rather die before your Cheerios touched your Lucky Charms? I remember as I kid, my mom would mix the almost empty boxes of cereals together to save room in the pantry, and all of us kids would act like she had thrown poison in the boxes. Obviously as an adult the idea has still stuck with me because I did think a bit before I convinced myself I wouldn't die some horrendous death by mixing. Ha!!

So let's hear some mixes...good and bad.... 

Hope you enjoy your weekend everyone! Time for a refill on that cup of java!! Chat soon!!
 Looking forward to the cereal stories!


  1. The kids will mix if they have to but I don't! My mom did the same thing when I was younger though.

  2. I am not at all a cereal girl!! My mom bought a box of cereal and wouldn't let us buy another one until the first one was empty. I don't think I would like mixing it if I did eat cereal. I enjoyed your post....thanks for adding me.


  3. I know some people who always mix their cerals--Iwon't mention any names!!Personally I don't like mixing with one exception I sometimes top those Bran Flakes with a little Granola to make them more interesting. Sylvia