Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Who Ticked Off God This Week???

Good Afternoon my friends! Hope you have an extra warm mug of something tasty and  maybe a fire and cozy blanket to be cuddled under because holey moley!! Its freaking cold out there!!! All I want to know is who ticked off God?

Last week out here in what I thought was 'God's Country' we were enjoying a rather balmy winter for a rather northern city. I think we even hit 10c several days with nice sunshine. The air smelled of spring, hardly any snow patches to be found...ahhhh....the wonder of it all. Now don't get me wrong. Our family has lived in Alberta long enough to know that winter is going to hit at some point. And usually very quickly and very harshly.

But come on God! This was awesomeeee! I wore shorts and a sweater last week to drive my kid to band. In January!! Now I have long johns and sweat pants, t-shirt, sweat shirt, a vest, fluffy socks, slippers...and that's just to get out of bed!! The doggie door is frosted over so my poor dogs have to wait for me to let them out. Some mornings that can be a long wait if mom has taken her medicine a little late like today and slept in an hour (or so) But let me tell you...they sure run out real quick and do their business when its this cold and they had to wait to get out there! Ha!! And I have to keep an eye on the little one as her teeny paws start to get real cold she lifts them and she starts to tip over. It doesn't make her come in faster mind you, but it lets me know when she should come in!

Well God, I guess what I'm saying is, who ever ticked you off and caused this deep freeze, my Bestie (you know who you are!!) and I have decided You can go Old Testament on them and smite or smote them or what ever You think is best so we can all go back to enjoying that fabulous winter You had blessed us with. Because we are all soft now God...we can't do this hard core winter stuff...ok I can't...and my husband is sick of my whining! Cuz I'm cold...and at this rate I probably wont thaw out til August...

And to all you hard core winter nuts...shhh...I don't care how much you love this and how strong it makes you. You are nuts. It is cold. My truck wont start. Its officially too freaking cold. So I am protesting this cold snap. I am snuggled under a cozy blanket by my wood stove, drinking warm tea, wearing layers of flannel and long johns (only Canadian girls can rock this outfit!!) ha! and I am staying here til one of 3 things happens. I run out of wood, I get hungry or my truck starts meaning it finally warmed up!!

So I wish you all a toasty warm afternoon where ever you live! And thanks for spending some time around my kitchen table with me today. Keep warm.


  1. Hey Bestie!
    Don't include me when you are mocking The Big Guy upstairs. I don't want to be close when the lightening hits you!
    But you are right, it is freakishly cold out there. I've been in my long johns and two sweaters all day and I feel SEXY!!!
    So, are you Penny or Amy Farrah-Fowler in this bestie scenario? Cuz i know you stole the phrase from Big Bang Theory!!!

  2. You know u r a redneck when you are female and you are whining your truck won't start and you are out of beer because you left the last cse in the back of the truck when the freeze started.

  3. Mickiee ~
    I was going to comment ...but ..m..y...com..put...er ...FR..OZE...

    LOL LOL !!!!
    I am blowing some hot air over at my blog today ..maybe if you stop over you will warm up my friend :)
    Also ..I can't believe I'm gonna say this ..but at this point in time (dead of winter) I am so wonderfully blessed ..with HOT FLASHES !!! Cold ???? I don't think I will ever know what that means again ??
    I'm like a walking furnace ..I have never run my furnace so low before in my life ..and even some nights I get up and grab the chain and crank on the ceiling fan ..lol but come summertime oh I will be boiling ..ugh I wonder whats better ? boiling HOT ? or freezing COLD ? Why can't we ever just be perfectly tempered ?? lol
    <3 Tracy