Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Safe & Unthawed...For Now!

Happy Tuesday afternoon! I can't believe I let a whole week escape without an entry! I think this is the longest I have been away, and with out any real good reason!

Like I said last week we were in the middle of a very gross deep freeze which lasted until the day after my husband finally got my truck going. ( I think the truck finally roared to life on Wednesday, which was day four of my deep freeze imprisonment.) Yes, you read that right. I refused to even step outside my door for anything! I figured until my little dog could walk outside on more then 3 feet, I didn't need anything outside that badly!!

So what did I do all those days inside? Why did they fly by so fast I didn't even get a chance to post on my beloved blog? Good question!! Well, I found some inner energy I didn't know I owned and cleaned out some rooms in the house. Usually I hole up in my bedroom but it was so cold every where in the house I just wanted to be by the wood stove.

One day my oldest was home and we curled up in the  living room and kept the fire going and just enjoyed the day together. Got some odds and ends done that day, and just kept warm. Then the next day   my youngest got to stay home because the schools closed due to the cold  so we kept the fire going and did some more odds and ends. ( ok, he played video games...and oddly braved the cold and shoveled the driveway and refilled the wood bin)

I also decided that I since I am starting to feel a bit human thanks to my new medicine concoction I would try my hand at a small home based business and have spent this past week researching new doggie treat recipes and having my 'quality control team' test the new treats out. From the pacing in the kitchen when the treats are coming out of the stove I'm assuming I'm doing good so far. ha!!

So thats what I did while I was in my deep freeze. Felt like I got tons of dusting and cleaning done, laundry and doggie biscuits baked. Emails caught up, phone calls caught up, some studying, and basically kept warm. And in all those days I can honestly say I never ONCE left the house!! I figure if I have to push the largest dog out the door to pee, it is too cold to be out there!

Wow...I almost sound like I'm super mom....Ha!!
 I'm not...I'm just..

Hope you are all warm and enjoying the start to your week!! Keep warm and busy! And to my mom enjoying the Dominican warmth and rum...I still love you....sorta...heehee!!

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  1. Well done, Mickiee! I'm glad for you that the latest medicine treatment is finally showing some success. And frankly, who needs to go outside in the frigging cold anyways, when it is oh so nice inside next to the fireplace :)
    Take care!
    Sonja x