Thursday, 12 January 2012

Just Checkin' Up On You!

Good day everyone! Hope you have a mug of something warm and low calorie to keep up with those New Year's resolutions you may have made. Heehee! I have been puttering around my very quiet house enjoying the peace and quiet of having everyone back at school/work after the holidays. I must admit the time did go by quite quickly, but it was definitely time for the house to get back on schedule.

So its almost half way through January and I am wondering how many of you did make resolutions or goals for this new year? I figured I was not going to make any this year as its supposed to be the end of the world, so I didn't see much point. Ha!!  Just kidding actually. I didn't make any big goals, but I did make a few. I want to see myself get a little more active ( I cliche!) and I want to finish my online course I started hopefully sooner then later.

They say it takes about two weeks to make a habit, so that why I figured I would start checking in on everyone who had decided to set some resolutions this year. I figure you are almost at that 2 week mark. How are you holding up? Were those resolutions viable or a little bit lofty? A lot of people decide to reach for the stars..they are going to rock their worlds, only to be disappointed a few weeks into January when they don't see immediate results or they realize how much work is involved.

I'm always impressed with people who quietly make goals or resolutions that take work but are attainable for them. Obviously my goal of eventually walking my dogs around the block every night sounds laughable to most people, but to me that's a big goal. Someone else may go back to school this year, decide to change jobs, lose weight, gain weight (yes women...this is a goal for some people!!) ha!! There are so many different resolutions...just as there are so many different people.

I think we shouldn't get hung up on January 1st being the start of change in your life either. I know for me, I decided some changes in October last year, this blog being one of them. I am so glad I did not wait til Jan 1st to start it or I may have found a bunch of reason to talk myself out of it.

So...congrats to all of you who are still pulling it off!! High five to all of you still making an effort...and for the rest of us's a piece of chocolate cake. Remember there's always next year....or is there?? heehee!!

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