Monday, 13 February 2012

Projects...The Never Ending Evils

Good morning to everyone! First I must apologize to you all...I have been neglecting my blog! I seem to be arguing with my body on how much we are able to handle a day. Unfortunately my body seems to have way more control over my then I care to admit and its been winning a few more times then I like, but this morning I am a head so I am taking advantage of the moment and enjoying my time with you all!So quick!! Grab that warm mug and pull up that chair and lets enjoy this moment.

So, confession time today. Guys and gals...myself many of you have a hidden box , closet, covered desk or other spot full of well intentioned unfinished projects? The reason I ask is because I spent the weekend tidying up my bedroom and cleaning up my spots of almost finished knitting projects.

Then I went in my hallway and there was a bunch of baskets of unfinished crafts, and beside those were well intentioned scrap books. (Really!! I am going to make that scrap book of our Disneyland trip one day!!)  I have buckets of stamps and card making supplies, acrylic paints, brushes and and and I think you all get the idea.

I know I am forever after my husband to finish off those last few detail on our renovation projects all over the house like baseboards (which I have heard from many guys are over rated) but after looking over these little projects I thought to procrastinate as much as he does. Shhh don't tell him that! He will never let me live that down!! Ha!!

And it got me to thinking...why do we do that? We all start out so excited! A brand new project. We get our information. Our supplies and maybe some wisdom from a few people who have done it before. If its a bigger project, we invest in a book or a class and then we jump right in. Oh the fun!! I love buying new yarn! Figuring out the pattern and what I want to see happen. I have several bags of 'one mitt attempts'. They aren't failures per say, because I know for the next one how I want to adjust them...I just kind of lose steam and say I will get back to it in a wee bit or right after this next project.

So after going through all of my stuff the other day, I came up with a few ideas on how to deal with all these projects laying all over. I figure this is not teaching my children anything about responsibility. They must look at all this stuff and think," well, it doesn't matter what you start because you never have to finish it!" This is not something I want them to think is true. So I figure I will do the most mature thing I can think of....

I am just going to get rid of it all. I am going to find a big giant pit, bring my guys and have them blow it all up!! BOOM!
I figure with the amount of stuff I have accumulated over the years I do not stand a chance of ever catching up. I know...some of you are shaking your heads and saying I am missing out on that wonderful feeling of accomplishment you feel when you have worked super hard at something and you see it through to the end. And you are absolutely right!! There is nothing more satisfying then holding that finished quilt in your hands, or soaking in that finished bathroom, or enjoying that first Bar B Q on that brand new deck. 

But, at the end of the day, I know myself, my husband and my kids. We will always have half finished projects laying around. Some will actually get done! Most wont...but let me tell you...the day we blow up those unfinished projects will be the coolest day EVER!! And for those of you who know my family well, you know right after we blow those projects up, my hubby and I will relax curled up on a white couch just like this one while he strums away on his guitar and sings songs to me.....Ya right...he will be at the hard ware store looking for the next new project!!

Here's to all the unfinished projects out there!! To all of you who finish are a curious amaze me!! Come to my house and I will keep you busy for a while!! Enjoy your afternoons everyone! Chat soon!