Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Heart Day

Just a quick Happy Valentin'e Day to all my friends.
 I would be remiss to not at least drop a quick note a wish a little love and romance out to everyone! Some loving gazes, tender touches...maybe chocolate strawberries and champagne.
Sit under the stars, maybe a walk in the moon light, holding hands.
The world disappears for the few hours, just you and your significant other, 
enjoying this special day. 

Aww...who am I kidding?? Enjoy the guilt chocolate ladies, and the flowers if he remembers!! Heehee!!
Thanks Hallmark!
And guys, I actually do feel for you. Its a rough day!
And singles...don't take this day so seriously....buy the chocolate and send your self a card and sign it
"From Some One Who Love You Very Much!!"

Ok...Enough being silly! As you can tell I do not take Valentine's Day too seriously. But I am grateful I do have not 1 but 4 very special Valentine's in my life.
And I am taking this moment right now to wish them a very happy Valentine's Day!
I Love You All VERY Much!!