Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I Miss My Bestie!!

Hi everyone!! No I'm not dead...just feeling a wee bit over whelmed. Life seems to rush by sometimes and I feel like I am in the exhaust fumes right now and have no idea where my days have gone. But I have grabbed my tea and plan on enjoying a few moments with my friends.

So a quick update on my unwanted guests! After my cleaning and searching we seemed to have found their 'door way' into the house. So we jammed it full of poison (YES poison, all you environmentalists can comment later, and then come scrub cupboards after your comments!!) and sealed it up. Laid a few traps in front of the hole, snapped a few unfortunate victims (sorry dudes...really I am) and FYI REALLY didn't need to see the bodies! and we seem to be rodent free. Yeah us!!

On Friday I was playing away on my computer as I am known to do,when I heard we were expecting a huge snow storm. Not a big deal  in Feb. usually but we have had such an incredible winter and it honestly was starting to feel like Spring. In fact a couple days earlier my son and I drove by one of the ranches near us and I saw a baby calf in the field which is my 'official' sign of Spring. So snowstorm seemed unreal to fact I believe our last one was in Nov! )

It was to start late Friday afternoon....nothing....Friday Bestie and I thought haha!! Maybe it will miss us. Which would be great because they were leaving for vacation on Sunday. So off to bed we all went with nary a flake in sight
 Well Saturday morning I looked out my window....HOLY CRAP! That was a serious amount of snow. Now before all you Easteners start telling me how you get ten feet of snow in an afternoon yadda yadda...I am just saying we went from NONE all winter to almost as high as the windows on my F-150 once the guys finished shoveling. And that took almost all weekend because it came down Foomp! over night then didn't let up til Sunday.

So my Bestie and her family shoveled a bit that Saturday, finished packing their shorts and bathing suits, and drove off early Sunday morning before the winter sun had poked over the horizon. She left me the key to her house to feed and love the kitties, but I think in all fairness if she left me behind in all this cold and snow I should do something evil to the house like bring over some of my unwanted guests.(Insert evil laugh!!)

But seriously..I hope she and her family are having a carefree wonderful time frolicking on the beach drinking fancy drinks in coconuts and pineapples. And I hope she's having one for me!! And while I bet she looks like this dancing on the beach I will continue to try and keep myself entertained until she comes back!! I miss ya Bestie!!!