Monday, 12 December 2011

Can I borrow a cup of flour?

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and enjoyed the Christmas parties that have started. I had the privilege of accompanying my husband to his work party on Saturday night and surprisingly I actually made it to 10pm which is way past bed time for me! It was fun to dress up and meet the people he works with and we had a wonderful supper. Thanks honey for a really fun night!

Well...I noticed its gotten to be crunch time. Every day for the past couple of weeks I have really good intentions of getting my Christmas baking done. I flip through my cook books, make sure I have the ingredients, and then I get distracted. The kitchen may be dirty, or maybe a load of laundry needs to be done, phone rings, or I may just not have the energy to do it. So then it waits til the next day...and the next day...

I must admit, it got me to thinking, how many of us still do our own home Christmas baking? I remember watching my mom baking the whole month of December (and probably starting in November) making cakes and cookies.  We never realized how much work was involved until we have to do our own baking for our own families, and even at that I know I never did the amount of baking my mom ever did. And I know even if I make the same recipes my mom makes...they just never taste as good as my mom's! I said earlier...its crunch time. I know I'm going to start resorting to cheating and hitting Costco and getting some yummy baking there...but I also know Christmas just isn't quite the same without a few home baked goodies. I was wondering if a few of you could share a few 'tried and true' recipes with everyone. Cookies or tarts or bars that are easy and quick to bake that for someone like me don't require much time or energy. It will be lots of fun also to get recipes from all the different countries that read my blog! I would love to try my hand at some baking from Russia, Spain, or Trinidad to name a few.

How fun this will be! Christmas baking from around the world! Now I'm actually looking very forward to attempting my baking once I get some new recipes from you, my friends. Happy baking everyone! Looking forward to your recipes.

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  1. I always bake at Christmas and throughout the year! I love using just my oldies that I know taste good and turn out every time!