Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Its Been Magical

Good evening everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day. I am just sitting down after having a busy day running around doing errands which I totally enjoyed. So grab your warm mug of your favorite drink and come enjoy some catching up!

This weekend was busy and so productive.  As most of you know I am stuck in bed a lot so for a change of scenery, my husband humored me and changed the bedroom furniture around. Now I have a 'room with a view'! Ha!! I get to look out our bedroom window now and watch the birds in my feeders, and my dogs have more room on my side of the bedroom to curl up and sleep on the floor. Everybody is happy.

I was also able to go out shopping two day this weekend at the Mall. No small undertaking for anyone familiar with West Edmonton Mall. I bought myself a pair of pumps and a dress for some up coming Christmas parties we have on our calendar. One was this past Monday evening and next one is this coming Saturday night.

So last night we had our first party in I don't know how many years....I wore my new 'big girl' shoes and a dress (not pj's and a sweat shirt!!) and we went to a dinner and show with our awesome friends next door. Want to know what one of the most amazing parts of the evening was for me? My super awesome brand new shiny red pumps did NOT hurt my feet at all!! Thats right ladies! Brand new shoes and not even a little bit sore!! Woohoo!

Now today, I've been a busy bee too. I got my hair done, did some groceries, had supper with my middle son at his work....not a lot for the average mom, but for me, thats like being a mom on steroids. I have been looking back on my last week and looking at the stuff I have been progressively been able to get done.

Last week my doctor switched one of my medications. For anyone not familiar with the 'change the medication' routine it usually goes like this. Your doctor tells you to try new medicine 'A'. Its going to be awesome, they tell you. Start it in the morning, it wont make you sleepy! So off you go to the pharmacy, clutching the piece of paper hoping that you will be feeling better in 7-10 days like the doctor told you.

Well, 3 or 4 days into this new medicine, that little yellow ( or blue or pink or what ever ) pill is making you sleep until lunch time. You have called into work sick 3 days this week because you are higher then a kite and no way can you drive in safely. You see little leprechauns dancing in your bedroom and when you sit up your head spins horribly. The only food you want to eat is Fruit Loops and you sing in your sleep. Oh...and you still hurt. So back to the doctor...lets add Medicine 'B'..oh and 'C'...taper off 'A'...your a smart group...you get the picture.

Well...I've been on the 'change the medication routine' for four and half years now. Its been magical. But after this past week, I think maybe....just maybe....we might finally be onto the right mix! I'm still slow...I'm still hurting...but I'm better then I was a week ago. I went out to a party. I went out shopping. I ran errands. I had supper with my son. I did more this past week then I have done in months. To me that would mean we are on the right path.

So yes the 'Routine' has been painful and frustrating and annoying....but now that I am finally getting some relief and I am able to do things most people take for granted I really appreciate all the time and effort all the doctors and nurses and especially my family have put into the 'Routine'. And I especially appreciate all the Fruit Loop runs my husband did! Ha!

So if anyone is just starting the 'Routine'...be patient...if anyone is living with someone going through the 'Routine'....yes...Fruit Loops are that magical!....And if your in the majority of the population and have no clue what the heck I am talking about..I hope I just entertained the heck out of you and you never look at a bowl of Fruit Loops the same way again!


  1. Sylvia~ Sure hope you have found the right formula at last .It is so easy to take good health for granted-it is a most valuable gift!Hope you feel well to enjoy all the things you want to do this Christmas season.

  2. So glad to hear that you're finally getting some relief. What a perfect time for you to feel better too! Love you lots!