Saturday, 31 December 2011

Good Bye 2011!

Good morning everyone! I can hardly believe today is the last day of 2011. Where did this year go? How many of us will be sitting around with family and friends saying those exact same words?

Its always amazing to me how time moves. You can be doing the same event at different times in your life and they will move at different 'speeds'. My youngest son participated in what was probably our last Christmas pageant for one of our kids to be in. I remember our oldest being in his first one and it was so cute and sweet, and then I remember after attending several different recitals and pageants and having to bring younger siblings to each one how long and slow each one seemed to be. Then fast forward to sitting in the church this year watching my son on stage for his 60 seconds of fame and realizing that's it for my boys and wondering how all those years had gone by so fast.

I'm sure everyone one of you reading this blog can share a story or moments that where time stood still (like baby's first smile) or flew by (your wedding day). Moments you thought would never ever end (that last month of pregnancy! ) or days that would never come. (your child's graduation day) But all these moments in time arrive and speed by and become treasured memories that we share with family and friends and wonder how in the world they went by so quickly.

So I guess I'm going to be a bit cliche and do a quick look back on 2011 for myself. I had the opportunity of those endless moments of waiting in many hospital  and doctor offices this past year doing what seemed like endless testing. Pokes, prods, x-rays, and scans and eventually we were given a diagnosis. Playing with different medications we also finally seemed to have found a mixture that is working really well.

All 3 of my boys have made me so very proud of them this year. My oldest is working hard at University and just got himself a part time job. My middle son has really applied himself this year in high school and is coming home with fabulous marks that he is very proud of. His football team won  City Championships this past season also. My youngest is having a fabulous grade 9 year. He is doing an almost totally unmodified program which was unthinkable 4 years ago, he's in Air Cadets, and he finally got his bag pipes this Fall. Surprisingly....they are sounding really good! Ha!!

My husband started a new job at the start of 2011 which has been a real blessing. One of his goals has been to be able to  go back to school. About 5 months working with this company, my husband found a project management course that fit perfectly into his schedule and his company was willing to subsidize 75%. He has been doing so well and been so excited. We are all very proud if him.

And for myself, I set a few goals. This blog was one of them and it exceeded my vision already. ( I already have had over 1000 views in less then 3 months which surprised me!! Thanks everyone!) I started an online course on herbology. And lastly I'm starting a small online business selling homemade doggie biscuits. (If anyone is interested just email me at

2011 has had its ups and downs...its endless moments....its 'where the heck did those go' moments....moments that made me laugh...moment that made me cry. Moments where I hurt so much I wondered if time was even moving, and moments when life was so perfect I never wanted it to end. I guess every year is kind of like that in the end. The amazing thing is at the end of each year we have these amazing memories that we hold onto and treasure.

So good bye 2011! Some of you may say good riddance...some may have a fond farewell...but either way...good bye...and welcome to 2012 and welcome new moments and memories!


  1. Happy New Year Michelle! Hope this year is a great one!!

  2. Happy New Year! I've *nominated* you as one of my favorite blogs and you can find it here:

    It's like a blog-train. You can find new blogs that are of interest to you!