Saturday, 3 December 2011

Big Heart...

Good snowy Saturday morning to you all! Well, at least where I am it is. It looks like frosting on everything outside. Its that soft poufy snow that just floats around and makes you want to stick your tongue out and catch a flake. Heehee!! Can you tell who doesn't have shovel duty around our house? Ha!!

The funniest one to watch when its snows is my wee little dog. We think she is a Papillion/Shitzu cross and she is barely 5lbs. My big boy is a big lab cross about 80lbs and the 2 are inseperable. Well, this is Kira's first winter and being so teeny I wasn't sure how well she was going to handle the snow and the cold. My brother in law even bought her a little doggie jacket when I was out East visiting, so she was all set for the cold!

Recently we got our first real 'have to shovel' snow falls. (I think we actually got about 6"!) My boys can correct me if there as more as they were the ones out there shovelling for hours that night! Anyways, the dogs were all out there 'helping' the kids. I was inside giggling...there were 3 black and white dogs bouncing around in the snow and into the shovels as these poor boys were trying to push. The dogs were having a blast!! And to my amazement,my little Kira was just in her glory! The drifts were well over her head, she had to bound up and down to go any here, but she was having so much fun! There was no obstacle going to stand in her way to having fun in the snow that night.

My husband gets upset with me because when I have a good day I go like my little dog. He knows the price I'll pay for being 'normal mom'.  I bound around, no obstacles in my way!! I clean and cook and shop. I may meet him for coffee or lunch. My kids get home from school, there are muffins usually baked, laundry has been done...the world is good. Mom is 'normal'.

Then reality hits, and I wish I had the heart my little dog does. Some days my R/A or my Fibro are to much and they stand in the way. Then other days I can dig down deep into places I didn't even know I had...I can find that extra hour to sit at my kid's football game...go to dinner with my husband...hang out with my family. Things others take for granted but things that take alot of extra effort for me.

Oh to have the heart of my little dog! She may be wee little but she is determined! I know! What a funny place to find inspiration...but I figure, if such a tiny little package can run and jump and conquer mountains of snow with little doggie smiles, then I can try and conquer my mountains of R/A and Fibro with a smile and determination too.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Hope your mountains are small and your hot chocolate is nice and warm!

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  1. You're truly a great person, and a wonderful mom. Nobody can be more supportive than a mom. Medicated or not, you always have the right things to say. There's so many great things you've done. I'm glad you're enjoying your blog so much, you've been so interested in all your viewers which is great!

    I love you, mom.