Thursday, 15 December 2011

And Then I had An Idea...

Good afternoon my internet friends! Hope you are all tucked in somewhere warm and cozy and have a steamy mug of something yummy to chase the chills away. I keep peeking at my calendar and watch it rushing to Christmas. I can not believe just how fast the days have flown by this year!

Okay everyone, get comfy and put those feet up...its time for one of my famous rants! If you have known me for any amount of time you know that I can go off on a foolish tangent and rant about about the silliest thing that happens to have unfortunately have caught my attention. Well, this week, my unknowing and unwilling target is pharmaceutical companies.

"Why?" you unwittingly ask...(silly unknowing person in the back who hasn't been introduced to my inane rants before) ....well...there are lots of GOOD reasons why I could rant against these giant companies stealing millions of dollars from sick and dying people who just can't afford the ludicrous amounts of money they demand for their products.

Or I could rant on how they use defenseless little animals as test subjects in cruel and inhumane ways to push products so again they can make their millions and billions of dollars( actual facts! its true! heehee!!) 

But while these and many other reasons are valid, I sat here today and looked at my many medications (as many of the people who read this blog do) and thought to myself for the umpteenth time (which is a lot of times) and thought to myself,"Why oh WHY do these big drug companies make medicines so boring to look at???" I mean, on an average day I take about 15 pills a day. Thats 105 a week...which is 420 a month...which is a lot a year!!(ok, my math is not that great...)

And as I look at my pill case and see the most exciting pill in there is a navy blue and white one...wooo ahhhh.( stood out from the pale pink and pale yellow one. It was very exciting) But really drug company? Can't you call the Skittles company and ask them what makes the Skittles rainbow so pretty??

Then I had a brilliant that I am sure will change the way people will take their medications if we can convince the drug companies to work together and work with us the patients!! I say we get the companies to make the medication into brightly colored Pez shaped candies! Then we can use Pez candy dispensers!! How much more fun will that be to have lined up on your night table? 2 Batman Pez, 1 Robin Pez and Frankenstein Pez before bed. Ha!! Sure will be way easier to fill up the containers too!

So, I say we start a petition! Just for fun see how many people we get to go with the idea! If nothing else...lets get the colors of the rainbows added! I'm tired of pale pinks and yellows!!Ha!!


  1. You are a wack-a-doodle-do. And that's why i love you! I really enjoyed your rant, it made me smile. And i agree. Skittles have it going on!!!

  2. so is that a 'yes' for the petition??woohoo!! And how bout those AWESOME Pez dispensers? The internet is an awesome place!