Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Good day everyone! Sorry I've been away for so long, but I've had a bit of a 'bumpy' week. Seems my fibro 'super senses' are on high alert this past week making it a little hard to function. The best I can sort of describe it is it like human 'Spidey Senses', just a lot less fun. (Thats what my doctor calls it! Ha!!) Your body's senses go on 'high alert'...like for me my hearing gets very very sensitive, touch gets very sensitive and tingly. It also makes me very tired. Hence the reason for my absence. But I'm back and have my tea and ready to join my friends for some fun!

Well, if you haven't had a chance to look outside or enter a mall lately I will be the first to inform you that Christmas is less then a month a way! I KNOW!!!! When did that happen???? I think I still have patio furniture outside that needs to be cleaned up and I know I still have a pumpkin sitting in my kitchen that still needs to be cooked. Okay...I also know I am in the minority of people who procrastinate like this, but wow...is it just me or is Christmas coming really fast this year??

We have several traditions we do as a family that we started when we moved to Edmonton when the kids were little. Some were things I brought from my family, some we brought from my husband's family, and some we 'borrowed' from new friends we made when we came out here. When we moved here, we had no family close by, so it was our first Christmas on our 'own'. One tradition we started and still do to this day is while we are at church Christmas eve the 'elves' come and leave pj's on the kids beds. Once we would get home the boys would race to their beds to check and see if the elves had stopped by and if they had it meant that Santa was on his way!

Of course there are other traditions as well, we leave eggnog and treats out for Santa, we make Christmas cookies, send out cards. I love to hear other families stories and traditions. Different cultures and and different histories make the holidays so interesting, especially this time of year. Each  decoration tells a story. Foods have special memories. Lets share these traditions and stories! I have several readers around the world. I would love to hear how the holidays are celebrated in  your countries!

Happy memory sharing everyone!!