Monday, 7 November 2011


Well...according to my trusty computer calendar, it is Monday already! Apparently I have lost an entire weekend....again... Argh! This is so frustrating. But whoa...I guess in all fairness I need to back this up a bit and explain my frustration. So grab your steamy mug and some patience cuz I feel another rant coming on! Ha!!

Many of you are blessed with  healthy  bodies and very rarely have to deal with the medical profession.I'm amazed when I hear someone who says that all they had to take this past year was one round of antibiotics, or they can't even remember the name of their family doctor. I kind of snicker when I hear you groan that you have your yearly check up coming. 

As some of you are aware I suffer from a couple of chronic illnesses that fall under the auto immune disease umbrella. My weekly schedule involves meeting with someone from the medical community in some form. I see pain nurse, rheumatoid nurses, specialists of all kinds, my awesome GP...the list is quite extensive. And I am very thankful to these wonderful people because without them I would not be able to function.

"So ok then...why the rant?" you ask....well,much to my chagrin this past week I picked up a virus. Not a big deal in most homes, but not a great thing for me to catch, especially this particular week. I was due for one of my many infusions on Friday but had to skip because you are not able to have it administered if your not well. I also had started a new medication earlier in the week that I have been pushing up the dosage which made me quite loopy. So between cold stuffy head medicine, loopy spiny pain medicine, and missing infusion I kind of missed an entire weekend...again.

You have to understand these wonderful specialists admit that medicine is not perfect and everyone is different ( oh how I have learned how true these words are!!) Over the years I have tried this medicine and that medicine...tried needles, and pills, creams and herbs. People have given advice and suggestions. (many good, some bad...some veryyy special ) I have gained weight, lost weight, lost hair, lost my memory, and now I'm losing weekends. Losing time is the most frustrating.

So happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekends were memorable.