Thursday, 17 November 2011

Silly Things People Say

Good day everyone! I'm actually ahead of the game today and joining everyone at the table by lunch time today! Considering the kind of night I had...this is very impressive...ha!! So hope you all have your warm mug of something yummy and a comfy spot and come join the table chat today. I need everyone to participate to make this work. I was laying in bed, letting my brain wander ( never a good thing! heehee!) and I started reminiscing about stupid..oops I mean silly...ummm...I mean well meaning, yaaa...well meaning advice people give you through out your life. You know those people...maybe your grandmothers...your even random strangers who just pop out with the WEIRDEST pieces of advice.

Off the top of my head, I think the most awkward moment was when I was pregnant with my first son. I was relatively far along in my pregnancy and I was getting into an elevator. There was a lady whom I had never met  before already in the elevator and we had that weird few moments of don't look, don't talk that people do on elevators. Suddenly, she turns to me and out of the blue tells me, "Gee, I hope your wearing cotton underwear. Anything else is not good for the baby." Then at the next floor, she got out and I never saw her again. After the initial shock of the moment, I kind of shook my head and was like what the heck??! Where did that come from???

Weird old family wives tales are also good to make one shake their head. A favorite of one of my grandmothers was if you drank warm coke you would get worms. Actually, if I think back, everything gave you worms according to her...ha!! But warm coke was a big nono!

I'm sure my kids have a list of weird things I have passed down to them. Things their friends must hear me say and think huh?? I know we tease my mom for things she used to say to us as children (we took a lot of worm medicine as kids! heehee!) but there must be some basis of truth to some of these things. I wonder how they got distorted along the way?

So folks, its your turn...lets hear you weird advice! What are some of the strangest things that have ever been told to you? Lets hear the funny stories...tell me if some of them have  actually worked...which ones are just crazy. Looking forward to the comments folks! Have a great afternoon!