Thursday, 3 November 2011

'The Look'

Good Morning everyone! Hope you all have a steamy mug of your favourite beverage and a comfy seat at the table. I want to start the day off with a big woohoo! to my son's football win last night! They are now the Jr High 2011 city champs! Way to go guys!!!

Ok, got a bit of a rant here today...please feel free to join in. As many of you know I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibro which causes chronic pain. Both are 'invisible' diseases. They don't make me 'look' sick. When I can actually get out of the house I do my hair, put on my make up and dress decently. When I have energy I can shop , clean, cook etc. like a normal person. If you don't know me, you don't know I'm sick. And that's ok.

But here's my rant.. handicap parking!! Guess what..I AM is HARD to get out of the house and do the stuff I need and want to do. I have a handicap placard for a reason. I use the handicap parking because I  am handicapped. Surprise world! Handicapped people don't all use wheelchairs or canes or oxygen tanks. Sometimes walking into the store I look fine, but maybe you should hang around until I'm done shopping. I usually don't look so great then.

I've been 'fortunate' so far as I have only received what my family calls 'The Look'. Any of you who don't look sick know what that is....the one where the people stare at you as you get out of your vehicle and shake their heads. I've heard and read many stories of people being scolded and yelled at by people for using handicap parking because they didn't look sick. But 'The Look' is still really annoying.  I just want to turn to them and say,  "You don't know me! Don't judge me!!"

So I figure if  I'm going to get 'The Look' anyways,  I might as well  mess with people and kind of earn it . For those of you who don't know me, I have a little bit of a twisted sense of humour...heehee! Soooo,  I usually park my truck, slowllllyyy get all my stuff organized (my purse, cell phone, lists etc) and just before I get out I put my placard in the window. know by then there is some self appointed handicap parking police watching me intently...heehee! And then, much to their surprise,out pops this 'healthy' person. I'm sure I just about give them a coronary!! HaHa!! Then they gather their judgemental selves up and out pops ....'The Look'

Well...guess what self appointed handicap parking police!!! From all of us who don't look sick...screw you! Save that look for someone who cares. How about you follow me into the store? Odds are I'm headed in to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription I just got from the doctor's office I was just at. I'm probably at the end of energy and praying I get home before my medication wears off.

Phew... that's a rant and a half today! Let me know what you think...share your stories. How else can we educate people? I would love to never see 'The Look' again! Nothing would make me happier then for people to be more understanding and less judgemental. So please....share...information is powerful.

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  1. My mother in law doesn't look sick either. She has a artificial hip that only causes her to limp slightly. She tries not to use the handicapped spots often but she has bad days. She has been given the "look" and more as well.