Tuesday, 1 November 2011

No Way!!

Good Gravy!! Everyone put that mug down and make sure you are seated! I have breaking news for you!! Are you ready for it?? Are you?! I saw the scariest thing last night...and this was even before my boys were back home from trick or treating....I saw it! I saw my first Christmas commercial of the season! Nooooooooo!!!! Are you KIDDING me??

This is not right!! I mean...I KNOW Christmas is right around the corner...but to throw us right into the frenzie before our kids have even come down off their sugar high?! Thats just not right!! I even noticed this past week the scary Halloween costumes and decorations stacked up next to the pretty angels and sparkly Christmas paper. The sensory confusion was mind blowing!

 What a weird time of year! One week we are decorating with gourds and brightly coloured leaves and turkeys for Thanksgiving, and then a couple weeks later we hang scary ghosts and goblins and hand out free candy to kids we've never met before. And the grand finale to the year? We stand on icy roof tops and string lights, stick a tree in our homes and bake pretty little cookies.

Ok Ok!!  I know I'm sounding kinda Scrougish...sorry...not meaning too. Actually kind of giggling to myself! I keep thinking to myself....wouldn't life be just abit easier if we just came up with some generic kind of decoration that covered at least a few of the holidays? Personally, I think I'm going to look for this Frankenstein Santa for my house! heehee!!

Oh...FYI...as I write this...

Countdown toHallow... ehm Christmas!!!

Hallow... ehm Christmas!!!: December 25, 2011

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