Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Good morning and welcome back. I hope everyone survived their 'pre-Halloween' weekend. Decorating...pumpkin carving...last minute costumes...Wow! Its amazing how much time and organization a few hours of dress up require!

As we drove around running errands this past weekend I was amazed at the decorations on the houses. What was once a very simple night out is now quite the affair. Rarely does one see a home made costume or cut out ghosts in the windows. Now there are fancy costumes of cartoon characters or super heroes I have never heard of before. Flashing lights on yards, expertly carved and crafted pumpkins, realistic ghoulish cemeteries on front yards. Good grief! When did Halloween become so 'fancy'?

Don't get me wrong....I am a HUGE Halloween fan!! I LOVE having the kids coming to the door...I love getting my kids all ghouled up and scary. I think the yards look awesome! And I am sure there are lots of excited little ghosts and goblins anxious to trick or treat tonight! But I guess I just long for when things were simpler. When there wasn't such pressure to have the perfect costume or the scariest yard. It was just fun to throw on a sheet and pretend you were a ghost and get a pillow case full of candy and peanuts. (My dad used to get our peanuts...ha!)

Then the best part of the night was coming home with our loot and pouring it out on the floor. My mom had us pool it all together so the more we each got the better for all of us! After she would inspect it, she would divide it into bowls ( chip bowl...chocolate bowl...peanut bowl...) Ohhh...the beauty of bowls and bowls of 'free' candy! Sometimes you even got lucky and got a full sized chocolate bar or pop!

Ahhh...Halloween! The magical night of giggles and screams! Enjoy your evening little goblins, ghouls, princesses and superheroes! And good luck moms and dads with the sugar highs tonight. I don't know who to feel worse for...the parents tonight or the teachers tomorrow! Ha!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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