Friday, 28 October 2011


Happy weekend everyone! Hope this Friday finds everyone well and ready for a bit of r&r. Well...some r&r...because I'm sure like every wife out there, the 'Honey Do List' is getting another quick once over before Saturday morning. Since I was gone for most of the month, my guys seemed to have escaped the 'List'. I can tell because as I was checking some stuff in my back yard I realized nothing has been put away for winter yet.

I noticed all the yard chairs still out. Planters need emptying, the hose needs to be put away. Leaves are everywhere!. I kind of shook my head and looked at all the work ahead of us this weekend. "Good Gravy!", I thought to myself, " don't these guys see any of this??" Resigning myself to a clean up weekend, I kind of shrugged to myself and headed in.

Through out the day I just kept thinking to myself what do these guys think when they see all these things all over? All these leaves? The leaves cover everything! How could they miss them? The deck, the yard, the picnic table. Don't they see that they need to be cleaned up? Then I walked by the front window....

I got my answer very quickly. The boys had seen the leaves all right. Apparently when boys see lots of leaves they envision a huge pile. In fact from the size on my front yard I think its safe to say it took several front yards to gather all the leaves. I had to chuckle to myself.

 When did I lose that vision? At what age do we lose the ability to see a huge amount of leaves as a great opportunity for an afternoon of fun instead of an afternoon of chores? Now when I look at the back yard and see all the leaves scattered all over, I see an afternoon of family fun. Even though life is filled with 'Honey Do' lists, there is no reason that these moments can't be enjoyed.

I hope you all stop and see the fun in your moments this weekend. Enjoy the crisp Fall air and your pile of leaves!

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