Wednesday, 26 October 2011

One Of My Favourite Things

Good morning everyone and hope you all have your favorite warm beverage of choice and a comfy chair at the table. I'm feeling a little rough around the edges so forgive me but I think I'll be joining you from a comfy spot on my couch. One of the definate perks of Internet visiting. Ha!

Speaking of visiting, I have just returned from my annual trek out East. Normally my yearly visits are a flurry of visiting and site seeing crammed into 6 days, but this year I decided to see if a longer visit might be less harried. I have 2 sisters and thier families and my mom in Ontario and 6 days just never seems to be long enough. So after some pondering an schedule rearranging I was able to extend my visit to 3 weeks.

Ok...I know! 3 weeks sounds crazy. Especially when it's visiting house fulls of young children! Throw in Thanksgiving weekend, couple of birthday parties (even had Batman show up to one of them!) and I wonder just how less harried it was! And yet I treasured each crazy moment and found it very difficult to leave when the trip ended.

One moment that stands out to me was one evening after the kids were all bathed and in pj's and we were all sitting on my bed. My nephew started to make faces and be silly for his little sister. She was watching him and then burst out laughing. Of course that got her brother laughing. What a beautiful sound! When children laugh it is such a genuine pure sound. They laugh from their big toes to the top of their heads. They aren't worried about how they look or sound. It is just the sound of pure happiness and joy.

My wish for everyone is that genuine happy moment where you just bubble up and laugh from every fibre of your being. When the laugh just lights up your heart and puts that special twinkle in your eyes. That contagious laughter that draws everyone in. This is one of my favourite things.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
Charlie Chaplin

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  1. Mickiee...I love this !! You are a very talented writer ..and the way you share your happiness in life is very inviting ! I am really going to enjoy reading your blogs thanks for inviting me ! I'll tell you we must have kindred spirits ..we've got a lot in common ..I LOVE LAUGHTER !! I'ts my favorite thing ! I can barely do a day without my I Love Lucy fix
    Can't wait to read the next one !
    <3 Tracy