Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Time Savers?

I have to admit it. I love my electronics! Shiny new laptops, crack free iPods, dent free cell phones....ohhh!! The pure joy!

But it never stops at just the gadget. Your new toy needs accessories. Covers to protect, screen protectors to prevent those scratches. And maybe an extra battery? Or! How bout a stylish case to carry it in?

Our latest acquisition was a new printer. Our old one needed ink and this new one was on sale and cheaper then the ink refill. It faxes and scans. Works wirelessly and best of all! It actually prints!

My husband ran out and picked up the new toy. This new time saver looked splendid in the box! We plugged it in and admired all the lights and options that showed up on the screen. Ohhh! Ahhhhhhh!

Then we looked at the installation novel. Holy crap. This was not going to be a plug and play device. No way. But we would save time with this machine. It was going to be great! Just to get set up now.

Day 1 I left the magical printing device in my husband's capable hands. He was bored that day and figured he could get it set up quickly. I checked in on his progress periodically. The novel laid out, wires hanging, and the fancy new printer not printing. Hmm...little more challenging then anticipated. But it will be awesome!!

30 days later, hours and hours spent with tech support, new holes in walls,and a new spot in the house for the printer, I am happy to announce we have a fabulous new printer that oohhhs and ahhhhs us now.

Yes, it prints from anything ( even our cell phones!!) it flashes and whirs and is a cool new addition to our electronic family. But honestly...a time saver?

I did get lots of cupboards cleaned out and rearranged while I was on hold with tech support. Thank goodness for speaker phone. Ha! And I learned alot about wireless devices and how tech support really doesn't listen to you.

But in the end, we have a new printer. It is fast and efficient. But like all of our new fancy electronics, do they really save us time? Once we factor in set up time and any down time when they get a virus or updates or need new software.

I guess in the end doesn't really matter. They are here to stay. I love them! I love the apps and ingenious things they do. They store my pictures and my music. I can play games, access the Internet. But best of all my family and friends 'live' in them.

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