Monday, 14 November 2011


Good evening everyone and welcome to my kitchen table. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend running around getting those 'Honey Do' lists done and for you keeners, I bet some of you even whittled away on your Christmas lists too. My guys got all our winter wood cut (with the help of our awesome neighbor!!) and the lights up on the house. For us, this is way ahead of the game this year!

Well, to be honest, I didn't do anything this weekend. I was very fortunate to have all my guys home and willing to do all the hard work. I really wasn't feeling well, but this stuff needs to get done. So out they went. 2 truck loads later, 8 hours of cutting and stacking and Saturday was all used up. Sunday was used up running errands and putting up Christmas lights on our house and on the neighbor's house. Thank goodness the 2 guys work so well together!!

Sometimes I think we take our neighbors for granted. We have lived in  this neighborhood for almost 13 years. Our friends moved in shortly after us. We have shared birthdays and holidays in each other's homes. We have seen our kids grow up, gone to kids concerts, helped each other renovate ( and renovate and renovate...ha!!) We have laughed together, cried together. Shared wonderful news with each other, and hugged each other over devastating life changes.

The guys have dubbed themselves 'The 2am Buddies'. The meaning behind that is that no matter what happens, they know they can call each other, day or night. I'm very fortunate that I know I can call on my girlfriend the same way. I think of how many times she has invited me out or invited me over since I have been sick. So many times I have had to turn her down and she has been so gracious about it and has never bailed on me. She has been one of the few people who has genuinely wanted to learn about my illnesses and how she can help. When she asks how I am, she really wants to know.

 I think of how fortunate my husband and I are to have such wonderful neighbors who are also such awesome friends. The guys are such goof balls and have such a great time together. When either of them has a job to do, no matter the size, the other is there with tool belt on and cold beer in hand. My girlfriend and I are parked on our 'drinking decks' with our wonderful slushies (courtesy of my girlfriend!) laughing at our silly guys. (And FYI...the guys built both drinking deck!)

So thank you to my awesome neighbors! Let me take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you both do! Now guys...lets get my bathroom done!! heehee!!
And how about you? I want to hear about your neighbors...the good,the bad,the ugly!!! Ha!!!


  1. Awwweeee!!! You like me. And now everyone across the globe who reads your blog will know.
    Thanks for all the kind words. Love you too!
    PS. Thanks for putting up a Hot photo of the two of us!!!
    Neighbor Girl

  2. Least I can do!! Think I'm going to post an ugly one of us?!? Lol!!