Thursday, 10 November 2011

Impossible Dilemma

Good day everyone! Hope the week has treated you all well. I've been feeling a little bit under the weather these past few days, but think I'm finally feeling bright enough for a visit at our kitchen table. So.... please join me! Grab a warm mug of tea and find a comfortably seat. Let me share my latest 'brilliant' observation!!

This past week I had several different medical appointments I had to go to and each time I noticed the same thing about my day. Usually I try and schedule my appointments in the afternoon because almost anyone who knows me, knows that 1pm is the new 8am and I just don't do mornings well. Ha!

Now, having said that, one would be led to believe that I would have ample time to get up and get ready in the morning, and technically I should! But for some strange reason I am usually running late. Not by much mind you...maybe 10-15 minutes. But late none the less. Even with the phenomenon called 'Day Light Savings Time' and gaining an hour, I still manage to run late.

"What could possibly be causing this rude behavior??" you ask. I'm as dumb founded as you to be honest. Everything usually is going right on schedule when I first get up. I feed my dogs, have breakfast, take my shower, get dressed.....WHOA! Stop!!! Back the bus up!! Get dressed? Hmmmm....Actually this is where my day starts to go awry.

I have really good intentions. I usually grab an outfit to jump into for when I finish my shower. Then, when I begin to put it on, I start having second and third thoughts on it. "Hmmm....maybe the green t-shirt would be nicer.." and then off I go. Digging through my dresser, then my closet. Good grief...where is that green t-shirt?? Now down to the laundry room. Nope, not there. Oh no! There it is! Its in the dirty laundry and there's not enough time to wash it....or is there?? Hmmmm.....

Now I'm doing a load of laundry I'm going to invariably forget I started, and looking for a back up outfit because the original outfit will never work now that I spent all that time looking for the 'perfect' green t-shirt. I'm digging through mountains of clothes that wont work (these pants wont work because I want to wear those boots, but then I need another t-shirt...) The clock is ticking, my frustration is  climbing, my energy is waning and I haven't even left the house yet!

The bottom line is in all this is I have drawers FULL of clothing! How can I have nothing to wear?! My husband shakes his head when I'm late and I tell him why. But seriously!! I have nothing to wear!! Okay, there is lots of clothing in my drawers, but the dilemma is they don't always work! Right ladies?! Right?  Please back me up! Please...because I  have a doctor's appointment next week...and I am pretty sure I have nothing to I am pretty sure that means I'm going to need to go shopping....insert female backup here!! heehee!!

Happy shopping everyone!!

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