Monday, 21 November 2011

My Poor Puppy!

Good Morning Everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I keep looking frantically at the calendar and can't believe how fast the holidays are approaching! How in the world is this happening?? My husband and youngest son braved some shopping at West Edmonton Mall on Friday and it was all lit up so pretty. Between that and all the snow we received this past week, its definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
West Edmonton Mall
I woke up Saturday to a very chilly house and a very sad dog. You all have to understand, usually I wake up to a rather exuberant good morning and nearly get bowled over by my 3 dogs. Who knew it was that exciting an event having mom out of bed? Well Saturday only my two girls were running around cheering me on. My big boy was clinging beside me hanging his head and being very quiet. Hmmm...he's NEVER quiet. 

So we all waddle down the stairs, get the wood stove stoked up, dogs all  fed and mom's tea brewing. Still a quiet boy. Ok, whats up with him? Then I noticed he was shaking his head around. Then a bit later he started scratching away at his ear. Ahhhhh!!! Dr. Dolittle thinks she may be on to something! So once all of us were settled back in bed I peeked inside his ears and discovered some icky treasures. Ewwww!

Poor guy has an ear infection. His ear was full of black waxy stuff that I had to gently swab out for him. Then I applied a natural gel to the ear that made him just sigh in relief. My poor puppy! Now I have a very clingy large dog with a sore ear. I just hope this gel does this trick so I can skip the very dramatic,  all dreaded,  very expensive vet trip. all know that trip. The trip where you finally crack and you bundle the family loved one up. Your husband's ever loving voice echoing in your head from the previous evening's discussion on how much this beloved animal is actually worth and how its cheaper to buy a bullet to fix the pet then it is to buy medicine to treat it. (guys are sooo compassionate!!) Ha!!

We get to the vet clutching our pet,  have them poked and prodded and mildly violated and handed a small bottle of pills and told they should be feeling better in a few days. (um to get pills into this beast...)  Hopefully the bill is less then your mortgage  payment, but that doesn't matter, right? Because your little family member is coming home and will be feeling better soon!

There is nothing worse then staring helplessly at our little family members and feeling helpless because for the majority of us, there is not a lot of options available to us. Running to the vet is usually a last option because of the cost. So I have to ask...what do you do when your furry family members are not feeling well? Any herbal recipes that help for things like ear infections, cuts, itchy skin, or when they just get sick? More chronic conditions like arthritis or cancer? Any over the counter medications you recommend to the rest of us?

The more we share, the less helpless we will feel. And hopefully, if there is a next time, we can say hey! I know how to fix that for my little buddy!! Looking forward to your comments.

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  1. Patti said...Mickiee, sorry to hear about Harley. It's funny tho how many times I've heard the bullet comment, lol. And to think I thot I was the only one living with such an emotional compassionate man.

  2. Mickiee~ Your poor puppy :(
    I hope he is feeling better by now ...but I know the feeling ..we just had to bring our kitty Genevieve in to the vet ..because she's losing her hair ..acting perfectly fine ..but losing hair {I say it's because she doesn't move ..hubby says he's worried it was something serious }so 80 dollars {vet bill} later...they have no idea what it is and could find nothing wrong with her at all ? They did ask if there was a loss of a pet in the family lately that she was close to {sadness ~depression being the culprit}..and then we remembered that this hair falling out did kinda start right after my Molly girl died ...I think maybe it did affect Genny ? But any who ~ I do know one doggy tip ..that is ..if your dog swallows something he shouldn't have {food or something} just put a few drops of peroxide on his tongue and it will make him vomit it all up and out of his system and this could save your sweety's life ..and a vet bill too ..well thats all I know for now ! Happy Thanksgiving Mickiee to you and yours !!