Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Thank You For Being You!!

Wow!! Its June!! Switching those warm mugs to cool lemonade or ice tea and cool evenings by fire pits and star gazing. Kids are getting ansy to finish those last few weeks of 'torture' and be released to ride bikes, swim in pools and enjoy the outdoor freedom that only those warm carefree summer days seem to allow us.

I myself LOVE summer!! I hate schedules! (much to my husband's chagrin...) Lucky for me I guess that its rare I have to be anywhere or do anything for a certain time. This past weekend was a great testament to that. My wonderful Aunt flew in to help celebrate my birthday. My husband was out of town visiting his family, my kids are all self it was just the 2 of us!!

First off, you have to understand, we do not have a 'typical' aunt/niece relationship. I call her Auntie when I want her to feel really OLDDDDDDDD...heeeheee!!!!! She and I have a very special friendship for which I am eternally grateful for. Its a rare jewel indeed to have someone who you can ask advice from, have just stupid fun with, and is also related to you!! 

I remember when I was a kid and asking my mom how come she didn't have lots of friends. I thought kids we always had a big group of friends, why wouldn't parents also have the same thing?? Mom said its hard to have a family and maintain friendships when you get older. I thought way...not going to happen to me!!

My Oldest son Alex with a gang of his friends! I'm'older' and have a family of my own. I was diagnosed 6 years ago with my rheumatoid arthritis and since then I have noticed a big change in our family and friendships. Its been definitely harder to maintain relationships the way we used to, and many have just fallen to the way side. One sad  truth I've noticed is that many people don't know how to deal with illness, especially when its invisible.

That's one of the greatest thing about my aunt. She has obviously known me all my life, so she knew me before I was sick and since I have been sick. We have been friends through it all. No games, no pretenses. We have laughed and cried together. Been honest when it hurt. Shopped til we dropped, and drank til we should have stopped way earlier...(thanks

So to the younger me I say...enjoy the group of teenage friends! Some will keep in touch over the
years, help reminisce and remind you of all the stupid things you did and make you wonder how you made it to adulthood!! And some days I struggle and wonder where all those friends went, I realize what my mom said was true. It is hard to maintain both family and friendships at the best of times.

So thank you  Berta!!! I had such an AWESOME weekend!! No schedules...lots of shopping...lots of laughter...lots of honest talking....and margaritas!!!Weeeeeee!!!! Thank you for letting me just be me. For letting my boys just be themselves and loving us anyways! Thanks for coming for my birthday!

But most of all...thank you for those rocking sandals!! 

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