Friday, 3 May 2013

Enjoy The Journey!

Hi Everyone! The sun is finally fighting a stronger grip on this small spot I call home and has melted the snow! Hurrah! I have some brave crocuses booming and buds on my trees. At last! And best of body feels the relief from the cold and dampness our long 7 months of winter we had. Bring on the sunshine!!!

Next week is an exciting week for our family. Gramma ( my mom ) is flying in to come celebrate my middle son's high school graduation. I must admit I have been feeling a bit nostalgic these past few months and its culminating with this grad party next Thursday. This whole year especially has seemed like a bit of a life changer in our family. Not in a bad way, just in a 'hey they are a grown up' kind of way. 

My oldest is 21, has a steady girlfriend, works full time, and basically comes home to sleep or eat or change clothes. Ha! He's such a pleasant young man, involved in so many wonderful things and we are very proud of him. Now...if we could get him to clean his room....

My 'baby' is going to be 16 this summer while he is gone to Air Cadet camp. He started High School this year and just loves it! He is involved with 3 bands, 2 with his bagpipes and one with his trombone. Everyone I talk to tells me how hard working and polite he is. I'm going to miss him while he's gone for those 6 weeks! 

Jeff Grade 12 Grad 2013
But the nostalgia I've been feeling has been really coming on with my middle son this year. Seems like so many milestones. He turned 18, just got his drivers license, finished his 'career' in high school football. And its not just his milestones, its all of his buddies extended group of kids. I have watched this bunch of kids grow up since grade 5.

 These young men and women now finishing a milestone that just a few years ago seemed so far away. Picking grad dresses and suits now....discussing limos...parties...and then after, college, university? 

I have chatted with my son and some of his friends,and while they are all excited there is that bitter sweet knowledge that things will never be the same, that they can feel things are already changing. And while there is a little bit of sadness in saying goodbye to the comfort of your childhood, there is a whole life time of opportunity and excitement ahead of them all!! 

So to my young man...Congrats to my Grad!!and your dad and I are very proud of you!! and to the crazy bunch that call me 'mom'...I luvs y'all!! and I am so very proud of each and every one of you!! Just listen for the crazy lady at grad cheering for each one of you crossing that stage!!

Enjoy the journey Grads of 2013!!

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  1. Jeff the Ruler3 May 2013 at 14:18

    Not to mention my CJFL tryouts and camps coming up :)