Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Good afternoon everyone! And happy April....which means Spring, right? I know the calendar says Spring....I know the confused Canadian Geese I recently heard flying over my house last week are a sign of Spring. And I know the poor little red robin bob bob bobbin' along in the snow during my walk with my son is a very messed up sign of Spring! But alas...this is Spring in Alberta...but REALLY????

We had our first snow fall in in late October and here we are still watching the snow fly in April! I for one am DONE! Cabin fever over here!!! And Mother Nature has been a real tease here. Some days have been super warm and sunny and the wonderful sound of drip drip can be heard from my open windows. Then the next day I wake to the blustery winds and fresh layer of snow. REALLY????

Inflatable Cone of Shame
Well, when we start getting the cabin fever itch and I'm feeling like having my pity party, my girlfriend is just golden! One morning she sent me a picture of her daughter's kitten (which I will share with you). At first glance, it's just a silly kitty picture. It all started with getting the kitty fixed. Her daughter posted the token picture on Facebook of the 'cone of shame'. Her little baby looking humiliated with her satellite dish around her regal neck. I had my giggle and moved on to my next victim of ridicule of the day, not giving the kitty and her humiliation another thought. 

 Then to my surprise and delite! Another picture of kitty humiliation  Apparently the Cone of Shame was taken off too early and kitty licked her stitches out, so my brilliant girlfriend came up with this very entertaining idea. Kitty was dressed up in a baby onsie to cover the stitches. And if that isn't enough to tickle your funny bone, apparently said onsie has 'super powers'!!
Super Power Onsie!

 Ohhhhh!!! Super Powers!! Now you're paying attention! Yes folks!! This onsie, once strapped on the to its helpless kitty victim, renders the kitty immobile, like it contains a form of kitty kryptonite  Apparently, kitty just lay where she was put like a lump, until the obvious moving of the bowels. My girlfriend said she only missed that once....but ewwww!!! Kitty poop in a onsie!! 

Hehehehe!! The stupid things we do for our critters! Though this has been a realllly long winter and no sign of spring really showing up soon...I'm grateful for my goofy friend and our silly pets. We entertain and love each other and our pets keep our sanity and sense of humor! Thank you to my girlfriend for those awesome pictures! Without them, this installment would not be....


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  1. Zoey will be mortified to know her private pics have been posted on the world wide web! Oh the humiliation. How will she ever face her feline friends again?
    Glad those photos made you smile.