Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Good morning friends. I hope you are all enjoying the warm days and long, lazy evenings.

I can not believe how quickly this summer has slid through the hour glass of time. Seems like yesterday that my husband & I dropped off my youngest to go to Cadet Camp for the summer, but it's already been 3 weeks.

Then this past weekend we drove down to visit him & to celebrate his 16th birthday. It's so beautiful in the mountains where these kids are! We had a great time canoeing, shopping & eating!

But July has been a seemingly endless stream of life changes for me and for a lot of people I love & care about.

My 'baby' sister started a new job recently, moved & announced that they are expecting their 3rd little rug rat! I am so excited to being an auntie again!

This Spring seemed to be a big deciding season for both my mom & my in-laws as they both decided to sell their homes. This has been huge changes for everyone. My in-laws have been in that home for over 27 years and my mom has been in her home for over 14 years. A lot of memories & love fill those homes, and it's a difficult decision to make. Both ironically put their homes up for sale within days of eachother and this month they all moved within a couple weeks of eachother.

Also putting a 'For Sale' sign up and moving this month is my bestie. We have been neighbors and friends for over 13years & while I am so very excited for them (wow! They have a beautiful new home! I'm hiding in one of the boxes and moving with them!) I am going to miss them very much. From spying on neighbors (Wooo... Did you see the new furniture so & so got delivered?), complaining about barking dogs (never mine of course! Ha!), impromptu bbq's, borrowed kidney beans & teasing our kids and spouses, I am going to miss that all very much. We have shared a very special time in our lives that only neighbors/friends can and I am so glad I shared it with you Bestie! I will miss seeing all of you but I am very glad you won't be that far away!

And last but not least... after much soul searching and debating. Lots of should we... Nooo.... Maybe?.... Yaaaaa?.. I dunno.... To finally YUP!!!!! I am happy to introduce our newest member to the family... Koda! He is a 6.5 week old blue heeler /labradoodle and just a bundle of love. Potty training is going well but my hubby and I miss our sleep. Ha! And the other 2 dogs aren't all that thrilled with baby brother yet. It will come... Right? Ha! But I welcome any hints or tips for training him. It's been a while since I have had a puppy so I am always open to new suggestions. Just leave a comment below! Or email me:-)

Changes... When we are young we are so anxious to for things to change. As parents we often catch ourselves wishing that they would just grow up. We fight change.. dread change, anticipate it... And at the end of the day, change happens.

2013 has been such a year of changes for me and for those around me. Graduation, moves, baby, new jobs... And it's only the end of July folks! So I say let's grab a nice cold margarita, pull up a lawn chair, and just be glad I'm not moving today! Heehee! Love you Bestie! (wonder who's going to be spying on your stuff going in today?)

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