Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Listen To The Song Of My People

Good morning to you all and I hope you are having a glorious last day of April. I know I am procrastinating instead of getting some much needed paper work taken care of, but it can wait another few minutes til I've finished my coffee our chat today! Ha!

I am staring out my bedroom window at an endless blue sky and that warm Spring air coming in the window and it just feels so darn good! Right now it blissfully quiet except for the birds chirping and the occasional dog bark, but soon this silence will be broken by the neighborhood 'battle of the bands'.

I don't know how it is around your house, but here in little suburbia, weekends are a pressure keg of 'git her done!'. If you aren't up to date on the local red neck lingo... Basically it means everyone is up mowing lawns, heading to Home Depot, gardening centers, Walmart etc etc and then they start working outside... with 'their' music.

Now don't get me wrong... I'm pretty open minded about most types of music. If I get a choice.. I'm usually going to put country on. (I usually don't get a choice... Ha!) And this is where the problem comes one seems to agree on a music genre around here. One neighbor has rock blasting, another has pop... Some teens down the way play stuff that make my ears bleed...each competing to be louder than the other. Sigh.. I'm getting old!

But something wonderful happens later in the day. As people finish their chores and head inside or off to other places, one by one all the competing 'bands' go silent until all you hear are the birds again, and maybe some children laughing and playing. As the sun sets, sometimes we have a fire and watch the stars come out. The kids like having their music on then... and if I'm really lucky, they even let me pick my country station!

Here's to warm Spring days and listening to the songs of their people!

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