Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fool!

Good April First to you all! I hope the tricksters haven't been too bad to you... well a little bad would be good! If you were fooled or did some fooling this year I would love to hear about it! Or send me a picture too!

I think Mother Nature is playing the longest April Fool's joke ever. If this winter ever ends (according to the calendar it has.. according to my window it has not!) I think I am seriously going to look into learning how to build igloos and train my dogs to pull a sled! Who knows? These might prove to be great life skills in the coming ice age.. Ha!

I jest of course! We all know that the Earth is heating up not cooling down. (ya right, Mother Nature! Ha Ha!) Scientists show us pictures of polar ice caps melting and poor polar bears stranded on small chunks of ice... I say send the bears here to Alberta! It's frigging cold here!

But alas.. rumour has it that Spring is just around the corner. Bird song is in the air. The sunshine is definitely that warmer Spring sun, and the days are getting longer! Last night it was still bright until 8:30pm!

So Mother Nature... Whatever medication you forgot to take back in February or March... smarten up and get this season thing back on track. This joke isn't funny anymore and I, for one, am anxious to get my hands in the dirt and plant stuff and get my usual sunburn!

Happy April 1st Everyone!

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