Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Count Down Is On!

Wow! Hard to believe a month today is Christmas day! Where I live we are definitely having a white one as we have had several large snow falls and I am very grateful I have strong, generous young men who push the snow blower and shovels for me.

It's been a crazy month while my husband (and the rest of us!) have been adjusting to his new job and schedule. Going from a 9-5 job to a hmmm... gone 2 days? Maybe 10? has definitely been a different way of life for all of us.

It seems like 2013 has definitely been a year of huge changes for our family. Medical ones, jobs, family & friends moving, additions to our family (furry & people). All of them have shaped and changed our little world into a different entity than it was 11 months ago, that's for sure!

I know that this time of year is hectic for everyone. My American friends are bustling around getting ready for their Thanksgiving weekend, and on top of that we are all shopping & baking and decorating for next month.

I'm very grateful for the Internet when it comes to doing my shopping! Never knowing how my cranky body is going to behave it is a relief to be able to click and order. Ha! Also, with all the snow we have received it's really nice not to worry about trying to park at the Mall or stand in busy lines.

Well hopefully most of you are more organized than I am and have at least started your shopping and baking. Like I said before, it's a month away people! I can't believe I haven't even started! But with all the craziness this past month time seems to have slipped through my fingers.

But now that I have a week to myself while my hubby is working, and I have realized how little time I have until Christmas, I plan on using this time to get caught up on some of my holiday 'jobs'.

Hope your count down is exciting and stress free!

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