Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Are You A Crier Or A Celebrator?

Where did the summer go? I must admit...I have been grasping on to any little teeny bit of summer I can get but as of this morning I had to admit summer is over. We had a wonderful summer and I just don't want to let it go! I could even delay the inevitable 'Back to School Shopping' because all of my sons are in high school or beyond and have reached the stage where they only require looking good.

1st Day of School
My youngest started High School today. My middle son will be graduating High School this year. Its going to be a very exciting year in our house hold! I got up early this morning (which is amazing for those of you who know me!!) so I could grab a picture of my son before he left with his dad for his first day. He was dressed up in his new school clothes and a big excited smile on his face.

I quickly snapped a few pictures, waved good bye and went back inside to finish my mug of tea. Its amazing to me how quickly time has flown. There are parents bringing their youngsters in for their very first day of 'real' school today, and its harder to tell who's crying harder...the kids or the moms!
Now here my family is at the stage of life where we barely stop the truck rolling in front of the school so the kid can jump out before being spotted with his embarrassing parents.Ha!!

So as I sit here and mourn a very great summer and revel in a wonderfully quite house, I pose to you all...are you criers or celebrators on your child's first day of school? I must confess...I did cry for my oldest's first day of grade one....but now....ahhhh...the peace and tranquillity is bliss beyond compare.

So moms...dads!! Send me your pictures!! Send me your stories!! Lets start this new school year with smiles of excitement. Email me your family pics of your child(ren) on the first day or week of school. My next post I will hopefully have enough pictures to make a unique poster of everyone's excited faces!

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