Thursday, 15 March 2012


Hi everyone! Happy belated Pi day to all of you who celebrate the rest of you who have no idea of what I am talking about, its ok, it just means you have a normal house hold with out geeks, Ha! Also want to say Welcome back home Bestie!!! I missed ya!!

This one is for you Alex! ;-)

 So it must be Spring because for some really really weird reason I have been bitten by the organize bug. I know...its supposed to be the cleaning bug, and be rest assured...along with the organize bug, the cleaning bug is right behind.

For instance, I shared with you all how I had a few unwanted visitors staying in my house. (which I believe we have gotten a hold of!! woohoo!) Well, I started going on a cleaning binge after that, well, because, hey....I found mouse poop in my kitchen!! So   I scrubbed and cleaned and moved things around (this bothers the men in my house hold very much FYI) and then as I moved the microwave to clean under it I hit a mother load of mouse poop. the microwave is going.

So within a week, I sold the microwave, scrubbed entire kitchen, bought new microwave, cleaned livingroom, sold dining room set, replaced with a fabulous new one we actually sit at and spend time as a family. And as I clear out a room I see new possibilities for the next one...hmmm...sell this piece, move these pieces, clean this up, throw this out, finish this project up...organize my important papers! (this I started last night! fancy binder and everything!!) Phewwww!!!

So I'm hoping to get lots of this inside stuff organized before it gets really nice outside because I have big plans for outside this summer. I have a deck I need to finish staining, I have some new gardens beds to be built as soon as the snow melts so I can get my herb and veggies growing, I need to get my yard cleaned up and my flower gardens tidied up....and....and...and...

Geez what is wrong with me?? Why am I sitting here? I have a huge list to burn through!! See you this Fall! ( oh...after I get the kids off to school...and the gardens cleaned up...and the patios all tidied up for winter...and...and....)

HeeHee!! Enjoy your day and I hope you have warm Spring sunshine shining through your windows and not too many chores to get done!

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  1. I set out to eat rice pudding with ice cream today. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED