Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Heart Day!

Wow! Incredible how time flies... Hope you are all keeping warm. Maybe enjoying your favorite hot beverage or hot toddy while cheering on your country during these winter
Olympics.(Go Canada!)

It's been very heart warming to hear the stories coming from the Olympics. How friendships are forged and how no matter where each of our Olympians place, we as a nation are proud of each one.

This kind of makes me think of our families & friends, especially this close to Valentines Day. We are like our own little nations... with close friends who fill special niches in our lives, maybe some neighbors are a bit of a... Ummm... 'struggle' to form an alliances with (Ha!)

And each struggle and chat over a fence. Every call or video chat with family & friends near and far makes me realize how special each and every one of you are. (Ha! I'm a poet!)

In this day and age it's such a gift to be able to pick up a phone and hear a loved ones voice, or type a few words & let your teenagers know you love them with out embarrassing them in front of their friends. Ha! Another favorite of mine is Facetime with everyone. Living so far away doesn't feel so far for a few minutes when you have kids dancing & singing & telling you stories. It's almost like being right there in the room with them.

I have a pretty fantastic 'nation' and at the very core of it is a very awesome family. I know we put the 'fun'  in dysfunctional way more often than we should, but at the end of the day, I have wonderful husband who works hard to keep our 'nation's capital' with a roof and food. And I also have 4 great guys living here who are each my favorites! Heehee! Luv Ya guys!

Happy Heart Day Everyone! But especially to my family & friends... For without you all I would just be a crazy dog lady!

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