Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Whats Outside Your Window?

Good evening everyone! Hoping you are all well and enjoying a warm cup of cider or hot chocolate. As I sit in my room looking out my bedroom window, I'm amazed at the picture perfect view I have. I've been stuck in bed this past month with my fibromyalgia deciding to flare so I have had a lot of time to enjoy my view.

I guess I should back up a little bit so you all understand the irony of the situation of 'enjoying' the view from my room. Our family does not live in a fancy home nor do we live out in the country where we can see deer feeding in the meadow and cardinals dancing in the trees.

 No...we live in a small  but comfortable home in town. I have 4 huge pine trees in my backyard that my husband and his buddy keep teasing me should come down so that they can build a garage. A couple of sheds,  a wonderful deck  and a fire pit finish off our small piece of 'heaven'.

So, now you are all up to speed on my little backyard view. I spend a lot of time sitting here watching days pass by. I can see little chickadees flitting between all my bird feeders and hear the occasional  annoyed squirrel chattering at the birds that are 'stealing' the bird seed and berries in the trees. I watch as snow gently falls and paints the branches with a sparkling white fluff. As my day drifts to late afternoon, the golden sun shine sparkles behind my trees and just lights them up.

Here it is, Dec 18, and I think I've been able to attend to my 'Christmas events & chores' list about 5 times this month. I remember baking batches of cookies and shopping endlessly. Attending children's pageants, work parties, mailing Christmas cards and hardly breaking a sweat! Now, all I have accomplished is 2 batches of cookies and lots of online shopping. I was also privileged to be invited to and able to attend 2 parties. And the 'icing on my Christmas cookie' was being able to help my husband host an evening with some friends.

So here I am...a week before Christmas...stuck in bed staring out my window. Crossing my fingers that UPS will bring my parcels here on time. I can't stress because it's out of my control. But I do realize how very blessed I am as my boys help me with out complaint and my husband curls upstairs with me and keeps me company even though he has other things to do. And I am very grateful for the very beautiful view out my bedroom window.

Hoping you are all having a healthy and stress free week before Santa makes his big arrival!! Enjoy your hot chocolate and take time to enjoy the view out your window.

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  1. Michelle, we enjoyed that evening a lot. Thanks for opening your home to us!