Thursday, 1 November 2012

Its The Same Backyard...

Good Day Everyone! Nov 1 and it's snowing quite steadily out my window. No late winter for us I am guessing. My boys have stocked the side of the house with wood for the wood burning stove inside, winter jackets, boots and mitts are all out.

My little 6lbs dog that we nickname 'Prey' because she flinches at everything just LOVES snow!! I open up the back door and she just shoots out there like a little bullet. No sniffing and gingerly checking to see what may come swooping from the sky. No second and third backward glances to see if I will follow to protect her. Nope...Kira (Prey) just boots it out there, skids around the slippery corner and plays in the backyard until I call her back inside.

Its funny. Its the same backyard. Only thing that's changed is that there is snow back there. So why the change of heart? Why the big heart of bravery?

We see this in ourselves too. We live day in and day out in the same environment until one day some small (or large) thing changes. Could be a book we read, changing the furniture in a room or maybe the death or birth in your family. All of a sudden we step back and shake our mental selves and say "Hey! I can do more then this!"

So my you gaze out into your backyards this week...I hope you see what makes you brave. Even if its attacking that book you always said you would....or going back to school (YEAH Patti!! Way proud of you!!) Just remember, no act of change is too small to try. Just think of my silly little dog skidding around to the backyard.

Have a great day everyone! Stay warm!

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