Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Congrats its June!!

Good afternoon my friends! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and bird songs, and the switch from warm hot ciders to refreshing lemonade and ice tea. I'm sure most of you have your gardens in and have settled into the new schedule of lawn mowing and garden maintenance. ( Which for some is a pleasure and for some a chore..ha!)

My perennial flower garden has been busy going through its spring flowers and every year I'm always pleasantly surprised by whats out there. Right now I have beautiful sunny yellow irises and these huge orange poppies that always amaze me! My miniature lilac bushes are full of sweet smelling buds just waiting for some sun to burst them open. I love the smell! And in the evening when I'm in my room I can smell the lilacs that are just under my bedroom window.

I'm always so surprised at how effortlessly all these plants and flowers seem to know exactly when to peek their heads out of the snow and earth to greet the new Spring season. One by one  they each follow, filling my gardens with waves of color and scents.

As the school year rushes to a close, and everyone is busy going to end of year concerts, banquets, and for many graduation ceremonies I know many parents think 'Wow! This school year flew by!'  The mass of color and taffeta and giggling girls, the spiffed up young men, brightly decorated gyms, speeches, music. For a brief moment in time its like my garden. They were all in there just waiting for their turn to bloom and dance in the sunshine.

So happy end of school year everyone! Congrats to everyone finishing their school year and a special congratulations going out to my brother in law!! WooHoo!! Your the special dandelion in my garden dude!! Way proud of you!

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  1. Mickiee ~ Your such a beautiful writer ! I love how you pulled your end of school season right into the garden scene ..so creative and poetic ! You are a gifted writer my friend !
    Happy gardening ! And post some pics of your garden on my "I <3 Flowers" face book page ok !!
    xxoo Tracy