Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Mom Day!!

Wow! Where did Spring go? Seems like just last week I was I was planting my seeds in containers on my counters and glaring at the snow piles on my yard. Today, the sun is shining, grass is green, buds are close to blooming on my trees and bushes and my seedling are ready for my garden. Welcome May! Welcome to sitting on the deck and laughing with friends, or laying in the sun and listening to the birds. Freedom from the indoors! Shorts, sunshine, long lazy days ahead! Can you tell I'm a warm weather girl? Ha!!

Well, one of the wonderful things about May is that my mom usually makes her annual visit to our house to come spoil her grandboys and my husband and myself. This year was no exception with her arriving in late April and staying until the beginning of May. This year she was even able to extend her visit by a few days, but it never seems like it long enough!

One tradition my mom and I started a few years back is having our 'Girl Day'. I must admit I look forward to our girl day. Living in a house full of boys, 'girlie' stuff is limited to flower prints on my paper towels. Our day involves NO boys! We run off to the spa in the afternoon and get pampered with either manicures or pedicures. This year the spa was having a special that started the day that we went. All the spa services were 50% off!! Well we were in girl heaven!! 3 hours later...pretty toes AND pretty fingers!!

Next stop...supper! Another part of the tradition is going to a restaurant called Cheesecake Cafe. We usually get this yummy soup that is put inside a yummy fresh baked bun. Well...our 'luck' was holding out, because we walked into the restaurant and they had a fantastic meal deal that even included a piece of their famous cheesecake. was sooo good! But ohhh were we so very full!!!!

So, pretty toes, pretty fingers, very full tummies...only thing left to do on our girl day was go shopping!! So off to the mall we waddled! ( I would say ran, but we were way to full to run any where!! ha!!) Our luck held out even at the mall too, because every store we went into was having some sort of sale also! It was truly a perfect 'Girl Day' !
I just want to take this opportunity to send out a great big thank you and Happy Mother's Day to my mom. I love our special day and I very much look forward to it each year. You come and help and support me. You sat through all those doctors appointments, drove down to pick up the kids and eagle eyed my medicine! Thank you mom! 

 I love you...Happy Mother's Day!

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